DaughtersSo big news…

We’re having another GIRL!

We’re excited, nervous and all of the above.

The morning of the ultrasound, I painted the girls’ nails.

We talked about if it was a girl, we could paint her nails someday too.

They liked that idea. They were a little confused why boys don’t paint their nails, but that was another lesson.

Anyway, they were happy to find out they’re having a sister.


These cuties were super excited.

Here’s our sweet baby girl….


It’s so amazing to see everything on the ultrasound. I loved feeling the baby move as I saw her on the screen. Such a special experience.

I was surprised it was a girl. To be honest, I really didn’t think I would have ALL girls, or three girls, at least.

We’re going to be that girl family, and I never pictured my life like that.

Probably because I was playing ninja turtles, collecting sports cards, learning the dream team players, and holding my own with my brothers.

By the time I had a sister, I was already in a mothering role, rather than a friend role…but now, it’s more awesome than ever.

I love having a sister, and I hope my daughters will know that they’re best friends are right here in the home.


No question it’s a girl.

Plus, why does the doctor take a bunch of shots and images BEFORE the gender reveal.

I think that should come FIRST, just because it’s awkward for them to dance around saying “the baby’s head” or “her heart” and me just wondering if it was an accidental slip?!

Anyway, just a thought.


The girls were excited and wanted me to pretend to hold the new baby. They took lots of pictures of me. So funny.


Girls are great.

We know drama. We cry a lot.

We have to validate feelings. Like, “are you crying because you can’t have a cookie.” “Yessssssssss” (They feel understood… haha)

Girls like to play pretend, they like to talk, they are great at coloring, they look out for each other, they let me do their hair, and tons more.

I’m just scared of the clothes drama, cat fights, and fighting over friends and boys.

But hey!

I told Michael, we can make our “Girl family” whatever we want it to be. That’s the beauty of creating a family.

We get to mold, make, and create a home where our girls are different than stereotypical girls.

We can go camping, fishing, dig in the dirt, watch football, and know how to play.

We can find a healthy balance.

As of now, our house is overflowing with FROZEN. They’re obsessed. I found Michael watching covers and clips on the iPad of people singing all the songs.

It was so cute to see him relating to his girls and doing something to make them happy. I love that father-daughter bond.

Anyway, Carmen was admiring the Elsa dresses these girls were wearing and asked if we could make it.

Michael falsely told her, “Yeah, mom can!”

What??!?! I don’t sew.

I found this on Amazon, $40…totally worth it.

But she wanted it then. Like right then.

I distracted her to tell her she could wear an Elsa dress tomorrow, and she was thrilled.


I didn’t really have a plan. I gathered all the random blue fabric we have, thanks Cinderella costumes, and came up with something in about an hour.

Thank goodness my bobbin didn’t freak out or the project would’ve ended a lot sooner, and my mom would’ve got a depressed/stressed phone call.

Here’s the little dress I made for my Queen Elsa.


There’s a cape on the side of the chair, and the crown and the wand and all that jazz…

She gave me a huge hug when she she saw it.

It was the first thing she asked about when she woke up, so thank goodness I did something.

She wore it everywhere. Even to the park.

She kept asking how I made the sparkles on it. (my little secret..haha)


She knows all the words to the songs and would run around singing to herself.

Nora got to be Olaf, or Anna… depending. haha


Anyway, I love it. I love their spunk, their personalities, their little hearts.

We made a poster for Dad’s bball game and like I said, we are staying well-rounded in this Taylor house.


Nora watched the BCS championship with Dad…

IMG_6910And even smiled about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And last, my dear husband.

Carmen gave him this teddy bear for Christmas. She was all about it.

He had the great idea to take a picture pretending to sleep with it, so Carmen would see it and feel special about her gift.

So tender and sweet. I love it.


Don’t worry, I know you’re a manly man Michael. All these girls will only make you a *little* more soft. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s to a house full of girls!!! ahh!



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