Round 3

Round 3

We’re excited as can be,

I’m due with baby #3!


Ice, Ice, Baby


  • I’m due in June. Idk the day. I think the first week.
  • Yes, it was planned. All our kids will be 2 grades apart in school. Praying they will be close and be friends.
  • Nora will be 2.5 yrs old. Time flies guys! Remember Round 2 announcement?!
  • There is only one baby in there, confirmed.
  • We are anxious to know the gender, that all goes down around late Dec-Jan time.
    • As much as we think it would be fun to have a boy, we are kinda liking this girl thing!
    • A girl would certainly save on toys, clothes, pretty much everything….
    • If I’m having a boy I will probably freak out.
  • Carmen and Nora are both SO excited and are fully aware of what’s going on.
  • Carmen tells everyone randomly, hence the early(ish) announcement.
  • Carmen thinks it’s a boy and think it would be fun to have a baby brother
    • She said, “Because mom, then he could play basketball and stuff with dad!” …I think someone’s been talking to her 😉
  • I don’t feel sick, and I usually don’t. Counting my blessings.
  • Yes, I feel like I’m already showing, 3 months now? Baby #3 your body no longer tries to fight it.
  • I’m hoping if I have all my child bearing done by age 30, my body will be happy!! (happier??…idk)
  • I am really hoping this child will have brown hair. I just think it would be so fun and wonder what he/she will look like!!
  • We haven’t even thought about names. That discussion doesn’t even start until after gender news.
  • I’m a little nervous this time around. I only have two hands and only two kids fit on my lap….what happens when there are 3?!?
  • Nora likes to point to my tummy and say, “Baby!”
    • I think she secretly wishes I was giving birth to Elmo, her latest obsession.
  • All of my friends are supportive and happy.
    • I hope they will all join in the pregnancy fun so my little one will have some friends!
  • I’m nervous that no one will want to babysit after I have 3 kids. Dumping off one, no problem. Watching 2? A little tricky…Hey can you babysit my 3 kids?! ahhhh I’m going to have to save for more babysitters instead of friend swapping… :/
  • This will be grandbaby 3 on my side, and grandbaby 7 on Michael’s!
  • We are excited for this adventure!!!
  • It’s amazing how your perspective changes from baby #1 to baby #3….still just as much love, but a lot less nerves!!

Counting my blessings today and always as this little one grows and comes to our family!!!

“Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours

and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones.”  

Full talk here, “Because She is a Mother”

Some days I need angels to lift me up.

Other days I realize my angels are right by my side.



One response to “Round 3

  1. So awesome. I feel the same way about your perspective changing. I forget I am pregnant most of the time until Max tries to karate chop me and I am like Oh no there is a baby in there. So excited our kids are all the same age. Lets keep it on a roll 🙂

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