I realized over Thanksgiving, that not much changes…

  • I talk to my extended family often, but now we are just face-to-face
  • I get to enjoy a lovely meal at my in-laws every Sunday we visit, this time the menu was just different
  • I try to “live in thanksgiving daily” as we are counseled to do
  • I get to be with my girls everyday, and vacation is just extra fun
  • I don’t have any family members I avoid, or drama or anything to make it too eventful
  • It felt a little like everyday


Then I thought, “Wow! Such a special holiday that means so much to people, that’s crazy it felt like any other day.”

But I think it’s because of all the love that constantly surrounds me.

True, there was a special spirit about gathering.

When we all come together, it’s a special place to be.

I am SOOO blessed to have two families who love me!

But as we drove away from our in-laws, it wasn’t the sad feeling I once had.

Back in college, you’d fly in for the holiday only to go back to snow, cold, finals, and whatever else…

I have all I need around me everyday.

What a special thing to realize! I’m so grateful for my blessings that are constantly around me!

IMG_2839 - Copy

Cousins on the couch!

IMG_2844 - Copy


IMG_2851 - Copy

Fun shirts for Thanksgiving!

IMG_2854 - Copy

IMG_2857 - Copy

IMG_2867 - Copy

IMG_2869 - Copy

Love the holidays…

Had an afternoon just with Carmen, so we wrote to Santa and took a walk down to the mailbox.

IMG_2873 - Copy

IMG_2874 - Copy

IMG_2875 - Copy


Next up..Christmas time!!! 🙂





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