Michael ran his first marathon on Saturday!

Did your read that.. it’s not like, hey we went trick-or-treating Saturday, (although we did that too,)  but Michael RAN A MARATHON!

I mean, that is a cause for a post if there ever was.

It’s a once in a lifetime (well, let’s hope just once) accomplishment.

It was amazing, and although I didn’t run it, I have full rights to brag and tell you all about it.

It was a family ordeal, training, cheering, everything except for the running part.

That was left up to Michael…all 26.2 miles of it.

I mean, I just can’t get over how long that is.

Anyway, here’s what went down.

First, I’m so proud of him.

Here he is as he came down the final stretch…finish line in sight.

IMG_2694He saw me and then he put his arm up like that.


But don’t worry… #77 still had about 9+ miles to go. Poor guy.

Here’s Michael as he crossed the finish line.


His goal was 4 hours, and I say 4:09 is pretty dang close.

He averaged about a 9 minute mile, for those who don’t want to do the math.


Anyway, he finished.

It was emotional.

Here’s the thing…

start Just change the “i finished” to “he finished”…. you get the idea.

I was so proud of Michael setting such a crazy fitness goal, and killing it!

I tried to be a supportive wife through his long runs and aches and pains.

I prepared this basket full of essentials for his big day.

A cool idea was I put mp3’s of people saying encouraging things throughout his race. He loved it.

Thanks for those who helped!


Carmen and Nora knew it was a special day. They made this sweet poster, and woke up at 4am for race day!


It was dark when the race started, but it was so cool.

After check-in, Michael found out he was #1!!!

What are the chances??

Everyone would cheer him on and call out his number. Pretty sweet to hear them say, “Alright #1…”


As for the cheering on, I absolutely loved watching all the racers. They would come through the check-points, we saw them all about 6 times, all at different speeds, but what they all had in common was the-to finish. They were upbeat and positive and so friendly. It was so touching to see people so thankful as we cheered them on their way.

Loved this quote.


It’s one of the most amazing human experiences to witness.

All of these people pushed themselves to the limit.

I guess the history behind the marathon is some guy had to deliver a message 26.2 miles away. He ran and when he got there he died…DIED. So that was said to be the farthest unimaginable distance that someone could run.

I’m pretty sure I would’ve died too. Here he is at the finish. The only pic where he looks somewhat tired…


ok, and maybe this one:


and this one too…?


Last tired one…


Most of the race he killed it…just about to mile 16.

He sped by and was going SO fast.

For the first part of his race he average a 7 something pace. WAYY fast.

I guess the adrenaline was pumping!!!

And he got FIRST OVERALL IN HIS AGE GROUP. Granted, it was a smaller race, but GUYS…

He got a TROPHY!!! #1…soo cool.

I need to put it somewhere cool, but it has an ugly Frankenstein on it. hmm…


Oh, and here he is as he passed us…


You’ll see our lawn chair set-up… IMG_5247

As he ran, we waited and played a little.

It was cool they had a playground there, and the girls loved the free donut before the race started. (Thanks for grabbing one Michael!)


Here’s Carmen as we waited for the big finish.

It was so cool to see her excited…

What race doesn’t have a huge “FINISH” poster or sign at the end?? I mean, really??

If I was running that far I need a sign in big bold letters….

oh well…

Here’s a shot of the finish line…


It was a small marathon and sooo beautiful.

Overlooking a gorgeous lake and lots of trees.

Family shot:



So about mile 18-21 I thought it’d be fun to run along.

I figure at this point he could use some “umph” and hey, I was wearing my spandex and it was an open track.

We trotted along for a few miles. It was tough.

Let’s just say, I had to meet back up with him as it looped around. How embarrassing.

So proud of him.


His parents were AMAZING to come and support.

I can’t imagine what it’d feel like watching your son accomplish something so cool.

His mom was texting everyone and telling the world all the updates… she’s the best fan!

What fabulous news to share!!

She brought her Norwegian flags to wave..this was just after he finished.


Best parents around!IMG_2710

It was tender to see Michael’s dad congratulate him.

He’s always been so proud of Michael and that day, I knew he was especially proud.

He even walked further down from the finish line to check on him as his goal was approaching.

What a great father.



THE MAN!  IMG_2707


He’s not too stoked about pics… sorry…IMG_2704



He did it!!! I wasn’t able to have him say this is the last time he’ll do something like that, but hey… We’re celebrating!!

No injuries, happy spirits, and an amazing accomplishment.


He’s not even that sore.

Or complaining.

We went to a party that night and we are all just amazed that it really happened!

2 years ago he ran a half marathon on a whim, and I can’t believe how much farther and harder this was…

But he did it…and with so much determination and gusto!



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