If you have a minute, check out these

wonderful posts and quotes on Motherhood

complied by my college roommate and friend.

She also has insightful notes about Motherhood/Priesthood comparisons and others worth reading.

Here’s something to peak your interest, the division of roles regarding physical and spiritual birth:

birthSee how she explains confusing issues with true insight.

I love the positive tone of the blog and inspiring ways to be a better woman, wife and mother today.  If you have extra time, check out symbolic insights about Eve.

How lucky we are to have revelation today. For ourselves, for our family, and our leaders for us. Loved the General RS Mtg, and can’t wait for General Conference.

Raising daughters I plan to enjoy every minute.

Of being a mom, a woman and Jill.

I hope others in the world will find a source of peace.

The kind of peace I feel when looking at these gorgeous pictures of my angels.



2 responses to “Enjoy

  1. I love your friend’s insights! I’ll have to spend some time reading her blog. I loved the two trees talk, but she has some interesting insights into the whole idea that really add something. Also your little girls are gorgeous. What a beautiful family!

  2. Thanks Jill <3. The last couple weeks have been a hurtful time to be a Mormon feminist. Misunderstanding seems to pervade and lead to judgment and unkindness. I'm so glad to have friends who choose to be part of the solution by demonstrating compassion and an open mind. Love you.

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