Ok, seriously if there are not two more awesome people.

Introducing, my in-laws.


They let us bring a group of friends out to Tyler to visit.

We’d talked about it for a long time, and finally made it happen.

Tender loving care…I mean, wow. They went over the top to make us feel special.

It was a mini vacation, a couple’s retreat, and we were BEYOND grateful.

Here are some  highlights.

  • Beds and amazing baskets for everyone!!
  • Night swimming, and using amazing bug fans
  • Barbeque listening to interesting OB/Gyn stories, naked talk, and everything else random
  • Laughing until we were loopy
  • Waking up to elevator music and a candy wonderland
  • Boys tried to sneak out to golf
  • Puppet show with nana
  • A brunch at the Country Club with children…not the best combo but we had a blast. The kids told us it was time leave by running up and down the halls
  • More swimming, and watching Brax yell “Dibble Dabble!”
  • Pedicures for the girls talking about being a wife and a mom and having babies!
  • Surprise shopping, jaw-dropping fun
  • Finding out the kids survived with a house full of boys
  • Rain timed perfectly with our activities, despite the fishing adventure
  • Hamburgers and good conversation
  • Date night to Andy’s with best custard EVER
  • Rocking out to music, fitting into shopping carts, pretending like we’re teenagers
  • Failed attempt to play Taylor Rook
  • Sunday all sitting together on the BENCHES
  • Over-the-top fancy dinner stuffed to the brim!
  • Walk around the lake, gorgeous views, and feeding horses
  • Browns, also known as Brownies.
  • Matching pic on the stairs…to top off the weekend

Amazing what a little love can do.

We felt so spoiled the whole time and had a blast.

Can’t thank them enough.

Not to totally switch gears, but when I came home from Tyler after the rain, I checked out our yard and flowers and I was BLOWN AWAY.

Not too long ago our house was sad, full of weeds, dead trees (still workin on that), and just needed a little TLC of it’s own.

I’m so happy to say I love it here.

After our mini vacation, I just felt so good coming home.

We have a place, and we love it.

Check out what a little TLC can do.

I mean, look at our YARD!




and then with a few weekends of Michael’s blood, sweat and (the girls’) tears…




Hurray for a little TLC!!

We love our family, our home, this area, and our friends…

I guess you could say we are turning into Texans.

I mean, it IS 80 degrees today.




3 responses to “TLC

  1. My parents are exceptional people and have been TLC-ing all their lives. Great post. Also, it was amazing to see our yard transformation. We’ve come a long way. #blessed

  2. Best. Weekend. EVER!!! You have the sweetest in-laws of all time! :).
    Oh my goodness your yard looks amazing! I love before and after pictures! Especially when you can see such a big amazing change! Way to be Awesome Jill and Michael!!!

  3. This post makes me SO happy! I miss our little weekend getaway and your sweet, sweet in-laws. You’re right- they did go above and beyond. And your yard is
    incredible! Your whole house just looks beautiful!

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