I’m not a photographer, I’m a mom.

But one thing I learned from taking millions of MOM pictures, is it’s all about finding the right moment.

On my iPhone I have dozens of pictures, and most of the simple every-day ones are my favorite.

No one likes to hear, “say cheese,” or “hey, I didn’t quite get that.” especially when you’re ❤ yrs old.

Sure, some posed pictures are needed. But following my kids around and watching them do what they do is the best.

Crazy hair, messy faces, and optional clothing.

Every now and then, I take my camera and ask my girls to actually smile. It’s a novel concept, considering a camera is becoming an ancient artifact.

I took these awhile ago when we went to the splash pad one day and played in our back yard.

Carmen wanted to dress up in the beads, and Nora joined in for a little.

They made me smile, and so lucky I was able to track down a couple “perfect moments”













I decided that’s a big part about being a mom.

Being there for the little things.

Yesterday was just a bad day. Running on empty in a few areas of life, and needed to feel recharged.

Read a book about JOY last night as I dozed off on the couch. The book’s first chapter (yes, I was just starting out…) was “What is Joy?”

and here are some things it covered. (Barbara B. Smith, 1980)

1. The need for opposites.

2. The realization that earthly experiences are needed to know joy.

3. The gift of spiritual affirmation that brings the light of truth and testimony.

4. The comfort of the Holy Ghost’s ministrations.

5. The sharing of another’s growth.

6. The joy of the blessed state of happiness derived from living the commandments.

7. Developing the character traits that make a fulness of joy possible.

Maybe this is why being a mom brings so much JOY.

Think about it, sharing another’s growth, good and bad, needing comfort, developing character traits….

In the moments, good or bad, God is shaping us to be the person He needs.

I never realized how being a MOM would shape me.

I hold on to the little moments, and try to focus on the good.

Having my mom here over the weekend was something special. As I bore my testimony on Sunday, I cried, a lot. Which is not normal for me.

I dare you to try to talk about the true feelings you have for your mom without crying. It’s hard.

No mom is perfect.

But if you get down to it, she is there for you through every moment.

Big or small. Loving you each step of the way.

Carmen took a bite of her toast this morning and said, “Look mom, it’s a letter C for Carmen.” Such simple joy. Such a tender heart.

As I try to be the woman I want to be, I know I need to focus on what really matters.

Be in the moment, and soak in what I can.

Special thanks for my friend Maddy’s blog post about choosing happiness. It was honest and real and a great reminder of everything in life that really matters.

And for more, read 10 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness.

Or just look at those fun pictures again and remember what it’s like to be a kid.

You’re sure to smile! Have a good one…



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