My email inbox.

This is where you can take a glimpse into anyone’s life and see what is really going on.

It turns out that ever since college I have had a clean inbox.

I can’t stand it. It’s almost like a to-do list that just keeps on growing.

A good reciepe? I need to print it off.

A coupon? A bill reminder? These keep coming one by one and it never stops.

I try to file them away into my genius, but pretty generic categories. Over and over.

I probably should just delete them more often, but no..I save.

I’m not a hoarder because my email inbox has always less than 20 emails, but then I can search them and find whatever I need.

Anyway, I’ve gotten into a few projects lately that have filled up my inbox.

First, my dad is a dentist and a great one at that. He’s so skilled in what he does, and decided to open up a second dental practice in Utah.

He’s still working part of the week in CA, but traveling and starting up this one as well. He’s excited for a new adventure and I’m happy for him.

So I got involved because he was getting a sign for the new building. The building guy, bless his heart…is not a graphic designer. Well, neither am I, but I knew that the Monotype Cursive font was not going to do. I’ll leave it at that.

So I spent a few hours over a few days coming up with a clean logo for his new building/practice.

Needless to say, we had lots of email back and forth…

I was so happy to help out and I’ll wait till everything’s official for the big reveal.

So that was cool.

Then big news…Carmen is starting preschool.

A group of moms are doing a co-op, but this is unlike any other.

We have great moms with tons of experience and the cutest kids.

I’m hoping it’ll be fun, and a great chance for Carmen to learn in a fun environment, since she’ll have a couple years of preschool.

We got her a backpack and she’s beyond thrilled.

Moms have been emailing back and forth, and I can’t wait to jump in.

As part of my assignment before Tuesday, I was able to make a blog.


I think it’ll be a fun way for moms to post pictures and share fun ideas! So tun in to check out what we’re all up to!

Another thread of emails I’m going through is for our RS weekday meetings.

Seriously. I get to plan a “party” or activity each month for the ladies in our church. We love it! This month for September we are brainstorming some ideas, but they always come out so well!

I keep track of those activities on this blog:

Can you tell I like blogs?

Well, the last things I’ve been needing to delete, but just CAN’T are a few of my “good finds.”

I wanted to blog about both of them entirely, but they’re too good and WAY better from the original source.

Beautiful Advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage.

and this really cool article all about SUGAR.

Seriously, it changed my life. I’m a sugar addict, and would run off of candy if I could, but after reading this I realize just how big this SUGAR CRAZE is.

It will help you in your goals to eat better, because it’s so informative and really interesting.

I hadn’t read anything like it…maybe because it’s from National Geographic.

Maybe I need to watch more documentaries or Discovery Channel.
I would hyperlink them in the text like THIS and READ THIS, but I wanted the link long and annoying so maybe you’ll click on them!

What’s in your inbox? Enjoy the reads? Let me know!!



2 responses to “Inbox

  1. When you commit to something – there is NO turning back! I don’t know how you can be so consistently with these types of things. I’ll clean out my inbox and keep it that way for a month or so but then before I know it – I’ve got over 2,000 emails in my inbox. But at least I’ve opened them all ๐Ÿ™‚

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