It’s a zoo around here.


Just had a call for my work (doesn’t happen too often, thanks to computers), but there’s something about a phone call that causes utter chaos in children.

I remember when I was young, my mom would tell us to write down a note when she was on the phone. We’d pull at her, nag her, and we were DYINNnGgg for her to get off the phone.

Well today I was on the phone for 3 minutes. 3 minutes.

And I had to lock myself outside by holding the door handle while Carmen freaked out.

That’s ok though. Because I love her.

And then she went and fell asleep in her room.

I swear my kids are great, unless they are tired or hungry. What is it about these basic needs that throws them TOTALLY off?

Anyway, life is so good. I’m happy and summer is coming to an end.

As I look back it was a busy summer. My brother got married, Michael’s brother left for a mission, we took some day trips and had a blast! It goes by so fast, but good thing the Texas heat doesn’t really get the memo that summer is “technically” over.

We’ll still be at the pool in September.

One of the coolest things we did was last Saturday. We checked out Topsey Exotic Ranch Safari..and it was NUTS.

I swear, I’ve never been to anything like it. It was a ZOO, of sorts…

More like a free for all animal drive through.

You go, get a bag of feed, and take your car through 45 minutes of endless wildlife.

I’m serious. Buffalo, deer, goats, animals with crazy antlers, ostrich, camels, zebras, mules, and who knows what else.

We rolled down our window and some would walk up and eat out of our hand.

I faked brave until you saw this HUGE animal coming towards you and tickling your hand…just weird….so then I’d just chuck the food at the animals.

The scariest was when I forgot my window was down, and I was taking a photo of Michael. As I turn back, there is a HUGE animal head…I think it was a mule of some kind with it’s entire head in our car. Like next to me and Carmen.

How do you get that head out of your car??? I mean, I just froze. haha. Carmen screamed. It was crazy. She loved laughing about it later, of course.

Nora got to sit in the driver’s seat with dad and she felt like a million bucks. Nervous, of course, but it was so fun.

We enjoyed being together as a family, and it was a cool feeling.

Usually we do “kid” things and call it family fun, but this time Michael and I seriously enjoyed ourselves. We also got to pet sheep and stuff at a petting zoo, so we weren’t inside our cars the whole time. But trust me, I’m glad we had a big car.

This is why…



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