I know what you’re thinking…


She looks like a little soccer star.

Well, I guess in order to be a star you need shin guards and cleats, but hey..

truth is, it took a lot for her to run out there on her own.

Most of the time, she looked like this….

Totally unsure.


I spent about 20 minutes with her, convincing her to play.

She was so excited for this day to come, and now…it looked as though we were just going to leave.

I kept saying, Don’t be scared, it’s just soccer.


We checked out a book about SERGIO and how he played soccer, so she was ready.

I even convinced her away from the skirt, to wear shorts and look somewhat sporty.

But as I sat there, I thought about parents….and activties.

Did you have a parent who pushed you to do a sport? Well, that was me.

Guess why…she loved it.

After the 20 minutes of hanging on my leg, she finally went out and ran with the kids.

It was the coach’s “choo-choo” train through the cones that helped her make the transition.


Then she was kicking the ball, and smiling.

She even wanted to call dad and tell him, “I did it, I scored a goal…”


Of course, she’s still learning about the no-hands rule.



She was protective over her ball.


After all is said and done, she did it.

There’s an awkward point for a mom, where your kid is being rediculous and you’re like, “OK, we’ll just leave.”

So we walked to the car, I was ready to leave…to show her that she doesn’t have to.

But she wanted to stay.

They WANT to be brave, they just need help sometimes.

A little encouragement, at least she did.

She wanted me to run the field with her, hold her hand, and kick the ball…

Sadly, I didn’t sign up for that. I had to teach her how to branch out and do it.

That’s what sports is all about.

Oh, and the treat at the end…

of course.



Then we were off to the splash pad to cool off.

Crazy to think just a little while ago, she was afraid of this too.

After time and patience, she can do it alone.

With a smile.IMG_1967


As for Nora, I don’ think she’ll be afraid of much.

This little munchkin has already managed to crawl out of every crib we put her in!

I watched her plop over the edge, no fear…






Soccer, swimming and sisters…

love summer.IMG_1976



Sweet girl.

Maybe she’ll be a soccer star someday dad.

For now, we’re working on not being scared…or let’s say…


And of course, Nora Jane…   IMG_2960




2 responses to “Unsure

  1. Oh Jill!!!! These pictures are priceless! Thanks for letting us share in all of the big and little moments of each day! Love and Miss You!

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