beYOUtifulWell I lost this post two times, let’s hope this third time is a charm.

I got to speak to 75+ young women a couple weeks ago at Girl’s Camp.

Here’s me with an oompah loompa to prove it!

I have great memories from the 6 years I got to attend girls camp, and so I was so excited when they asked me to speak.

Until I heard that they wanted me to talk to the teenage girls about taking care of their bodies.

That’s hard.

I decided that it would be a great time to talk about their body and their spirit, and how together we are a beautiful soul.

That you are unique, you, and special.

We sometimes think that if we make our outer body beautiful with makeup or fashion, it will be noticed. But really, this shell is clear, and will not be able to hide what is truly inside you. That is where your true beauty lies.

Just like Samuel saw when anointing David, The lord looks on the heart.

I gave my remarks then drove back home. I met a few girls, and felt like it went really well.

Then last night I got a knock at my door, it was a young woman who had gone to camp.

She brought me chocolates and a thank you card and I was stunned.

We talked for 20 minutes about life, high school, and about my talk on being “beYOUtiful.” She said it meant a lot to her, and I was just in awe of her kindness.

She took the time to thank me, and I gave her the biggest hug. I looked at her and told her, “You are beautiful.”

It was an experience I’ll never forget.


When I was prepping for my remarks, I found a lot of great literature.

I talked to friends, prayed, and was bombarded by messages.

I realized, who are we listening to? The “likes” on social media, our friend’s comments, or peers who we don’t even know.

We have to find that validation from the inside, our soul, and from God.

I came across YouTube girls who posted, “Am I pretty or ugly?” and told people to leave comments below.

What? really? They’re leaving their self-worth in the hands of random people online. How sad.

I wished they knew, as I do, that they’re enough.

I found this awesome bit from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. I think you’ll like it:

And this is certainly worth a listen. Elder Holland’s 2005 address to Young Women. I traveled to be in the audience for this one and as a junior in HS I felt like he was talking to me.

There are a number of blogs, posts, and comments about beauty.

I liked this from Beauty Redefined because they speak about messages in the media. As a COMMS major, I love this stuff. We have to be media literate and know that even G-rated movies are sending messages to our young girls.

Even Queen Frosting got a makeover in Candy Land.


It’s a crazy world we live in. I remember being in dance as a young girl.

This poster hung in the closet of the dressing room.

As I came out in my leotard, ready to stand in front of a giant mirror with other girls, I remembered to

“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.”

I loved this and it’s stayed with me.

I try not to waste time comparing myself, but trying to be the best ME I can.

This may be why I like daisies so much. Plain and perfect and beautiful.


It’s an important topic, and I know that as I try to raise my daughters, I’ll think of it time and time again.

I like to think of a thousand of teenage girls singing that One Direction song, “You don’t know oh oh, you don’t know you’re beautiful.” Do they know it? Thanks to a pop sensation, hopefully they do.

If not, I know they can pray and ask God if he thinks they are beautiful. I know that prayer will be answered. I just wish I could hold each young woman and tell them.

Such a big deal.

Worth retyping for the third time. hah!



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