Our Relief Society is amazing. I get to serve with some of the best sisters.

We are part of the largest woman’s organization in the world. On a daily basis we look after, care for, and help each other.

We’ve had over five families move to the area.

They don’t have to shop around to find a congregation, a preacher they like, or a place they feel welcome.

The Lord’s church is here today, and it’s founded on Him.

He is the Rock.

I love it.

Serving so completely in the Church brings me closer to Him.

I’ve grown to love people beyond measure. I’ve learned how to care for people and to look past differences.

I’ve learned how to lead, how to teach, and how to serve. Really serve.

We try to help each sister “Build on the Rock.”

That’s our theme for the year.

2013 Theme

Carmen and Nora love the primary song about building your house on the rock.

We sing it almost daily.

In fact, one night for Family Home Evening we had an awesome lesson where we got pebbles from the park (I guess I technically stole them…)

and spread them in a box.

Then we got blocks and built our houses on rocks. Get it?

Anyway, I tried to help Carmen see that Jesus is the rock, so I found this image.

The Sermon on the Mount Carl Bloch, 1890

Christ is sitting on the rock, and that made the connection.

His teachings, the priesthood is what we need to build our homes on, so we can withstand the storms.

This handsome man, my brother-in-law, is going to leave on a mission.


We are celebrating his decision, and I’m so happy for him.

He gets to go to Brazil, the same country where Michael went. They will get to speak Portuguese together, and I love that!

He’s going to testify and tell others in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that Christ’s gospel is restored today.

Check out Rio!


Christ, the Rock…is literally overlooking the city.

A cool image.

I’m grateful for my husband who served faithfully and is now a rock in our family.

He leads us, points us to Christ, and is just so wonderful.

He told the young men who he teaches on Sundays that every good blessing came into his life because he served a mission for two years and sacrificed for the Lord.

Boy, am I glad he did!


To you, Benjamin…we love you.

Can’t wait to see all you do and to hear from you through letters and emails.



Benji-boss, you’re the best and so happy for you!


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