A continuous struggle for me, my multi-tasking, constantly productive self.


Sometimes it’s ok to splash in the tub.

To dance to the music and just let go.

To sit on the couch and watch morning cartoons.

To tickle and giggle.

To give another underdog on the swings, even if it’s been an hour.

To color a picture.

To put my computer work aside, and let them climb on my lap and hit the keyboard.

To let them crack the egg in the cookie mix.

To look them in the eyes.

To just come, instead of saying “just a minute.”

I want to be someone who LIVES.

And part of living is enjoying every moment.

Sounds cliche, but trust me. Anyone who has wanted to get “something” done or had any type of agenda understands.

There’s a clear difference when you are present with your kids.

When you are letting them guide, and enjoying the minutes you will someday wish back.

I want to have fun, to laugh and to play.

That’s what I’m going to do today.

I’m going to be there,

really be there.



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