Top 10

Top 10

These past couple weeks have been amazing. There were so many big events that I’m going to give you a run down of the top 10…kind of like ESPN, but different.

1. First big event, was our 4-year anniversary.

It is crazy to think we’ve only been married 4 years because so much has happened. I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have a best friend by my side who is also very attractive! 🙂 We’ve grown so close, and I love him more than ever.

Here’s a shout-out to back then, the best day ever.


On our anniversary, we got to go on date all day… We were in my hometown and kayaked on the lake. It was so serene and peaceful. We just laughed and enjoyed each others company and I secretly was able to sneak in some talk about our hopes and dreams…


We ended the evening with a glam dinner by our reception site and a temple session at the place we were married. Talk about reliving the dream! We got to peak into the sealing room and it was beautiful. My new sister-in-law was attending for the first time, so it was extra special.


2. My brother got MARRIED!!

It was a perfect day at the Oakland Temple for Darin & Jillian’s wedding. The videos say it all.

temple-Darin & Jillian from Judd Rackham on Vimeo.

family & friends from Judd Rackham on Vimeo.






I am beyond thrilled for them.

And to add to the brother love, I got to celebrate with my older brother and be with him on his birthday!  Any time I get to spend with him is so great!


3. Highlight three, was a lot of GIRL TIME!

I was able to spend a full day before Jillian’s wedding, hanging out with the girls. It was a blast to meet her friends, get our nails done, laugh over tacos, and get pumped for the big day!


Me and Amy had lots of bonding time too. Nothing like hanging out with your sister. She is so “chill” to be around and we really had a lot of time to just hang out together. She even got me started on SnapChat so I felt so hip.




As much as I love my sister and my new sister, there’s something about hanging out with friends. I love these girls. We went out shopping to H&M, and ate yogurt…but that wasn’t the important part. What was the best was sitting for HOURS, I think 5+ and just laughing and having a blast. We didn’t want it to end. I came home around 1:30am and found Carmen sneaking Oreos in her bed…haha. So worth the night out! I couldn’t get enough of it.


Also got to see this beauty at the UT reception… love you Steph.


And now there are THREE blonde Tuttle girls… as Jillian would say #blondetourage


4. Flashback to childhood

Amy and I went to the storage unit to return some of the wedding things, and lo and behold, WE FOUND BEENIE BABIES!!! It was like a gold mine. We ate it up and it was fun to watch my girls play with them. I only cringed a little when I found like 5 TY tags that had been ripped off during Carmen’s nap.. ahhh!! Are these things even worth money like everyone said they would be??


She was happy, basically because we convinced her how cool beenie babies are…


Amy’s face of utter happiness as we run our errands. Even took the childhood cat to get groomed.


If you’re missing your childhood, check out these 50 flashbacks that will make you smile.

5. Poolside 

As a mom, it’s not too often I fall asleep while laying out.

Sleep and laying out are two things that NEVER happen, so the fact that this occurred on my vacation is a SERIOUS win.

It was so relaxing at my parent’s pool, and the girls had a blast in the water.


We also met up with friends at a rad park that had a river go through it! Complete with a picnic, it was another amazing day.



6. Lots of Smiles… even on a roadtrip.

We drove from CA to UT to continue the wedding celebrations, and the girls did great! We got Nora a new car seat and she loved it. Completing a 10-hour roadtrip is a big deal, so it makes it into the top 10.

We even had smiles on the flights, and no major breakdowns. Travel success.





Carmen took a ton of pics of herself on photobooth…that entertained herself for a little while until she was laughing SO loud I had to think of another activity! haha


7.  No cooking dinner!!

Basically I love vacation because I”m not the only one who is responsible for putting food on the table. Families bond over food, and our vacation was filled with LOTS of good food.

I had the best wedding food of all time, I had amazing shaved ice, my mom’s artisan? bread, about 100 cakeballs, a steak picnic dinner, and way too much to keep track of. Throw in some Taco Bell, and it’s totally Tuttle.

Bottom line is, I got to bond with fam, and not cook for a bunch of days. Hurray.


This was shaved ice heaven…


Got to hear lots of fun stories from the newlyweds!


Awesome picnic on Memorial Day…


8. Livin’ Carefree, thanks to Grandma “Uhma” and Papa!

My parents were in HEAVEN hanging out with my girls. Singing them songs, putting them to bed, and even buying them SOUVENIRS at the aquarium…grandparents are the best.

They soaked up every minute and I’m so lucky to have parents who love my girls.



This is Nora’s big smile for Uhma!


And Carmen posing…IMG_1427


Kisses for Uhma!


I also got to visit my grandma’s grave with Carmen. A neat moment for her namesake on Memorial Day.


9.   Family time

One of the highlights for me was watching my siblings hang out with my kids. They have so much fun together.

Nora even learned how to say JJ, and screamed it in the middle of church when she saw him passing the sacrament.

Aunt Amy is the best…


And throw in some extended family fun, this vacation keeps getting bigger and bigger. My cousin Jeni is a rockstar soccer player and after three kids plays professionally. We went to support her…beautiful day.


And a big highlight was rocking out to music. My girls literally danced everywhere…in the car and definitely all night long at the receptions.


They were the stars… sorry Darin and Jillian.



Now if this doesn’t melt your heart…


Darin and Carmen at Chuck-e-Cheeses. Carmen and Nora chant it over and over and it’s now their “thing” to do with Papa and their uncles!!


10. I got to go back to TEXAS, and apparently it’s a big deal.

We had fun, but Michael had to cut his trip short and go home after the wedding.  We missed him while we extended our vacation.

It was nice to come home, relax and be together as a family again.


While I was gone, just about everyone I ran into asked me, “So how do you like Texas?”

I like it. I really do. The humidity shocked me like no other, but this is home for me.

Just today, I came across another list of TOP 10 . BBC put out a list of  “10 Reasons Why So Many People are Moving to Texas”

Click on the link, maybe it will convince you to move here.

  1. Jobs
  2. It’s cheaper
  3. Homes
  4. Low tax
  5. Pick your own big city
  6. Austin in particular (HOLLer!!)
  7. Family-friendly
  8. Fewer rules
  9. Texans are normal people
  10. And they’re not going anywhere

So, that made me feel better about coming here after my glorious vacation.

And again hint hint…. “10 Reasons Why So Many People are Moving to Texas” 

And if I haven’t thrown enough BIG EVENTS to convince you how awesome these weeks have been, we celebrated our 1-year being in this house, which has been truly a miracle and a blessing in our lives. Flashback to my finally post here.



2 responses to “Top 10

  1. this was such a fun post!!! Jilly guess what I decided to start blogging again :)))) Love u!!! Read through this and started missing everyone.

  2. WOW! Reading this blog post made me miss those two weeks of non stop fun! The wedding festivities were a blast! I will never forget how amazing I felt!!! SO grateful for you and lucky to be your new sista!!!!! I love this post and I love you!!!!

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