So the other night, Michael and I were reflecting on our college days, and discussing


You know, it’s a real title.  It’s on urban dictionary:

“A zoobie is a derogatory term for a certain genre of people who attend BYU. The term evolved from the word zoo, which was a common nickname for the university in the 80’s. Possible explanations for this nickname may include the chaotic, often carnival-like atmosphere of raging hormones and desperate hunting for mates.
A zoobie is the quintessential BYU student. A zoobie is just a member of the flock of sheep. Zoobies don’t think for themselves, they are the oblivious morons who roam BYU campus in droves.

I thought this was so funny, as we revisited our ZOOBIE roots during our recent trip to Utah.


We spent one afternoon driving around to all of our old apartments, and the places we went when we dated.

It was so fun to look around and revisit all of the fun memories we had there.

But now, we’re old. We’ve grown and most of that life feels like a dream…

I mean, staying up until 1:30am hasn’t happened in awhile, unless you’re counting getting up for newborn feedings!

Anyway, it made me realize how precious that time is…to get involved, meet new people, create experiences and live it up (obviously within reason).

But most of all, I realized how cool it is that we’re moving on to another chapter.

Michael and I used to have separate memories… where he worked, lived, friends, etc.

I had my life and he had his.

We came together February 8, now 5 years ago…and now something cool is happening.

We are making memories TOGETHER. We have a foundation of our lives together and are creating a new life of us.

It’s so fun to be together and to be a family.

As great as college-life was, it was more meaningful to revisit, knowing NOW what we know.

Looking back at our first apartment where we brought Carmen home from the hospital has a lot more meaning to us. To our family. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion.


I thought a lot about these “new memories” we are creating together, because my brother is engaged and getting married in a couple months.

I thought how neat it is to build memories with this new sister that I’ll have for a lifetime!

We threw her a bridal shower, and it was lovely!

IMG_0031 IMG_0030

I’m so happy for her and my brother!


Love the mountains in the background, borderline ZOOBIE!

Ps: check out their awesome website I made for them: darinandjillian.com, which tells their story and shows the slideshow I helped Darin make to propose.

Yeah, no big deal…just being super nerdy tech.

Anyway, I enjoyed being back together with my fam, and creating new memories and building more fun times…

familyI put that quote on a book for my mom…she likes the symbol of a family tree… It reminds me that we are all really different, but come from the same roots. Which for that, I’m grateful.

Then…just when you thought the FUN couldn’t end, we made a trip to CA to visit my friends.

We drove 10 hours and the girls did GREAT!

We even blasted our traditional “California” song that the OC made famous as we crossed the border into this blessed state…


It was beyond fun visiting the home I grew up in, and my friends I’ve had for years.

I love these girls…


Oh, and we had lots of babies and got a pic of ALL of them!



Here’s a few more pics to document the trip and to show you JUST how much fun we had!

And, if THAT wasn’t enough action, or ZOOBIE-living to the fullest, my new little niece was born and is moving by us!!

Presley Anne Taylor, pure joy!.

IMG_0124 IMG_0240

So, although much of the ZOOBIE-ness of BYU has passed, the crazy memories and events and fun times live on, long after the college days…




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