Some days, I agree..Let’s put the phone down.

Some of you may have seen this article:

Dear Mom on the iPhone, let me tell you what you don’t see….

“But Momma, let me tell you what you don’t see right now …

Your little girl is spinning round and round, making her dress twirl. She is such a little beauty queen already, the sun shining behind her long hair. She keeps glancing your way to see if you are watching her.

You aren’t.”

Some days I feel like this…

I need to do more, be more involved. Pretty sure this was written by one of the super-moms in Utah Valley.

Other days I feel like this:

In Defense of the iPhone Mom:

“…If she’s on Facebook and Twitter or Instagram? Well let me tell you something else about stay at home mom on her iPhone. She doesn’t have co-workers that she can complain about her boss with or laugh at the ironic typo in the memo that was just sent out to the whole office. She doesn’t have a peer in the cubicle beside her to have an adult conversation or relatable moment with.

So if, while her child(ren) are playing joyfully at the park, she checks her networks for a sigh of relief that there are other mom’s out there she knows whose child just pooped in the bath or who have only had 2 hours of sleep and find themselves putting the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge, I say good for her. Because you know what? She needs that.

Give a sister a break.”

I think Carmen has whined or cried every 10 minutes today. Guess why? She didn’t go to bed until after 12:30am, and go figure, when you’re tired, you get cranky. That’s lesson #1 as a mom, and #2 is if they’re hungry, then they’re cranky too.

Unfortunately, I tried for over 2 hours to put her down for a nap. Stories, and every stall tactic, and still no nap.

So guess what, that was the end of that.

She’s now on my lap, looking at pictures on my iPhone while I blog to you lovely people.

Some Days the Dragon Wins

I learned as a teenager, “Some days the dragon wins.”

As romantic as fairy tales are, some days the knight loses, and the dragon just wins. It’s ok. It doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person, just move on and keep going.

It’s an ongoing struggle as a mom…take time for yourself, be there when they need you, stay happy, care for everyone…

Choose Joy

I just prepared a list of 50 questions about happiness for an activity for the women for our church this Thursday night. We’re having a speed-discussion (like speed dating) to ask each other questions about how to CHOOSE JOY.

As I wrote these 50 questions about happiness, and pondered what makes the difference, I know it all comes from the inside…

I’ve heard “happiness is a choice” for a long time, but don’t some days just feel that the odds are against you? That’s the time when 5000 things are going wrong, that we have to be strong enough to say,  “I can do it.”

Sometimes I can’t. It’s a little hard. It’s ok to acknowledge that. To be transparent and tell the iPhone world, that hey…it’s not all smiles and roses around here all the time.

I told Michael how I feel bad when my girl has a runny nose or lost the bow in her hair, but some of those pictures are perfect to me. They may not be on instagram, but they are some of the ones I hold most dear.

Joy from the iPhone

I think…more than anything, my iPhone has helped me capture true moments of Joy.

My girls and I will watch videos back together, and laugh. When I look at my phone, I’m constantly reminded of the times they made me smile.

And with Nora growing up so fast, looking back at her 1-year-old bday…I’m seeing how quickly it slips away. Although I may not answer every time they yell, “Mom, look at me!”

I’m trying….

That’s sometimes the best we can do.


These are some of the recent pictures that make me smile.




One response to “iPhone

  1. I love going on life’s journey with you — the good days as well as the tough ones! You’re a great wife and mother.

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