Happy Valentine’s Day! On this special day of love, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day. I know that some people don’t like it…made up holiday, single’s awareness day, etc.

But like a lot of holidays, it’s a chance to show love.

It’s a time to be selfless and think of others.

Like these little cuties…

Image-2 Image-1 IMG_0575-edit photo

Being a mom certainly teaches you how to be selfless.

We went to a fancy dinner a few days ago, and at our table was a couple who did not have any children.

They both joked about it a little, “freedom!” they said.

Then of course, it came up that we’ve been married 3 years and have 2.

The couple next to us was also married 3 years, no kids yet.

The one across…married 10 years, and have a 3-year-old girl.

All of these people were delightful… and it opened my eyes to the blessings all around me.

I thought, “What would I DOOOO without kids??!?!?!” I just couldn’t believe how different my life would be.

I know that having children is difficult, but it’s been such a great chance for me to show love and sacrifice.

But, Valentine’s Day is also about that someone special.

The one that in elementary school you’d write, “Love, Jill” instead of “From, Jill” because you liked them a little bit more…. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The one that is #1.

I feel like a lot of women have a hard time putting their husband before their kids. I can see how this happens, and I’m trying to make an effort so it doesn’t.

Last night Michael and I got to talk to the youth in our church about Dating.

We talked about the who, what, when, where, why and how… and it was a reallyย  neat experience. There were about 50 kids there, and it was fun to remember that fun stage of being carefree and slightly awkward.

Most of all, I loved preparing with Michael. We enjoyed remembering high school and talking about what we should say.

We told the youth that it’s a big deal…dating…and you never stop learning.

Michael and I have really valued our time that is planned, paid for, and paired off. Our family outings are not dates, and we’re making more of an effort to go on more dates.

Special thanks and shout out to all the babysitters….

A whole new woman emerges when I can wear a white shirt, heels, or something I don’t have to tailor to kids.

I’m grateful Michael was brave and asked me on a blind date…and it worked out. I love him and I love this quote.

It was on our wedding favor CD, and it took me hours to get it just right using InDesign…so I had lots of time to think about it….


Then we went to the library today.

I saw our sweet librarian, who is single. She’s always there to greet my girls with a big smile. She knows their names, and talks to them about the things that interest them.

She has a bubbly personality, and truly excels in her work.


I thought about her on Valentine’s Day. Does she have plans? As we got talking, my eyes opened…

What I saw and appreciated more than her Valentine’s Day plans was when she told me about a little 4th grade girl who comes to the library every day after school.

She lives with her grandparents in the area, but she just walks there by herself and will stay for hours.

Instead of complaining about this girl hanging around, our librarian said she has tried to befriend her. She’s made her a little volunteer and lets her help.

This small girl has a rough life, and it opened my eyes to what I need to do more of.

I need to be an angel for others. Be there to love, reach out and be selfless.

Would I watch a girl for 3 hours every day???

Valentine’s can be about romance, or it can be about thinking of others.

Both my mom’s are awesome at this. They sent HUGE Valentine’s packages that made us all feel special. We now have plenty of chocolate and candy, so come on over! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, what I’ve realized is it’s easy to feel lonely, depressed or feeling sorry for yourself.selfless-3

There’s lots of reasons to be sad, but if you look up and out, it’s much brighter.

I try to remember that people are praying for health, a family, a child…the joy I take for granted way too often.

Let’s all be a little more grateful and selfless this Valentine’s Day.

It’s all about love anyway.

That means when my girls wake up from their nap, I’ll squeeze them and play with them and LOVE them just a little extra.





7 responses to “Selfless

  1. Thanks Jill, thanks for your post and thanks for last night. Samantha came home and told us about it. She loved the dating ideas and read them off to us. She wasn’t as big of a fan of the awkward parts but she needs to hear them. Thanks so much for sharing! Love love love the pictures as well.

  2. What a nice post to read tonight! Jill you are awesome! and gorgeous! you look fantastic in that picture by the way… :).
    and You are so thoughtful. I saw Ms Lauren the day before Valentines and didn’t even think about her plans. You are definitely one of the more selfless people I know. Always offering to help in wany way or watch my kids, and I know you don’t do that for jus me!
    Couldn’t agree with you more about the what would I ever do without kids?! I’m sure i’d get a job or two and finish school or something, but I can’t imagine life being near as exciting or fun, and I don’t know that I would ever love other people as much if i didn’t have the opportunity to see them the way my kids do…
    Quite a few of Seth’s work friends do not have kids, nor do they ever want kids, and they often talk about kids like they are a terrible inconvenience. One even asked me if mine were accidents. So sad! I think i’m one of those women that has a hard time putting my husband before my kids, i even find myself justifying it in my head because he’s a big boy and can take care of himself and they need my time and attention more. But of course you are right! (you always do this, post on subjects that i don’t want to hear but definitely need too, lol) putting as much emphasis on and trying as hard with the marital relationship is just as important as trying hard in the parental relationships…
    Thanks Jill for yet another awesome and inspired post!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS- THose pictures of your girls are ADORABLE!!!! love them!!!

  3. What a beautiful post! I love reading what you have to say and am so excited to get to know you better! You have such a radiant spirit and I can tell you’re such a special person!

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