Holy cow. I never in a million years imagined how many minutes of my day are consumed with food.

Fixing food, preparing food, craving food… it’s probably over half of my lifetime.

I know that mealtimes are important.

We are trying to establish that habit, but sometimes it’s less than ideal.


I still strap Carmen into a booster seat. I know she’s way too old for it, but it keeps her 100% contained.

When I found out I was having both my girls close together, one lady told me, I believed in the power of restraint. So true.

Not ruthless, just practical.

Anyway, so they sit in their boosters, while Nora goes to town.

She’s only 20 lbs, but eats more than all of us. No joke.

I give her both Carmen AND my leftovers.

She eats and eats…until we either run out of food or run out of time.

So I’m not a big cook. I like to eat healthy.

We eat a lot of chicken, veggies and rice around here. I can mix up the chicken fairly well.

I sometimes use the crock pot, other times it tastes like a big pot of mush.

It’s my fault. I’m bad on recipes and elaborate planning. I usually throw stuff together and hope for the best.

That’s how the expert cooks do it, but I have ZERO knowledge of that stuff, so it’s less than desirable.

Michael thinks I’m a fabulous cook. Honestly. You can ask him.

He’d eat the same thing every night without complaint, but I need a little more SPICE in my life.

So, hence…my big project.


For a long time I wanted to make a photo album of our favorite meals.

Let’s be honest, cookbooks are great, but half of the ingredients I’ve NEVER heard of. That means I don’t know where to find it in the store, and I give up.

So my cool idea was to take a picture, (as gross as it may look) after I make something, and then print them out after I’ve made all of them.

Then to be even more adventurous, I wanted to type up my favorite “recipes” or more like dinners I usually make (none are all that fabulous that need a huge recipe) but I just forget what I make.

Anyway, so there would be a picture and then the recipe. Bam. in my book. I could flip through and decide what I want to make…

But then the planner side came out, and the I DON’T LIKE TO GO TO THE STORE side.

I usually buy ALL my groceries for the MONTH. Serious. I know it’s crazy, but I do.

We eat fresh produce for the first half, and then frozen for the second. No one’s fat or complaining around here.

So, after I started typing and compiling my list of dinner/recipe ideas, I got an idea.

Split them up into two parts, A and B, and have a month for each.

I would make a master list and take it to the store. I could also review this list and see what I already have, so I don’t have to purchase it again.

But then…. I don’t have to keep making a grocery list for dinners!! Hurray!

So, I had to break this massive project up into a few days. I’m kinda OCD so I wanted to get it all done in the same Saturday I thought of it, but Michael and the girls were in desperate need of me. We escaped to the park and I had a meltdown that this mom stuff is hard.

But now I come to you with success.

I have finished the food ideas/recipe/grocery list portion of my FOOD PROJECT!

I have to brag to the cyber world….

(I will totally email you the PDF or PPT just send me your email in the comments… I’m not that savvy to pin it or make it public, because frankly it’s not entirely accurate, give or take a few chicken breasts!)



Ok, so that’s that. I spared you the 14 pages of recipes/ideas, but you get the drift!

I’m 100% happy and ready to try it out at the grocery store this weekend.

Wish me luck!

February will be a Dinner A month with 27 planned and coordinated meals…and March will be 20! (I ran out of steam, plus we’ll have random repeat food I assume…enough to clear out and start again!)

So, what do you guys think?? Anyone else have a system?

I figured I have to do something that WORKS for me, if I’m going to spend 20+ years of my life doing this thing and trying to save money!

My mom says she thinks of NURTURING as helping the little birdies with their mouths open…


Gotta love it.

Now I just need a cute meal calendar like this.



12 responses to “Food

  1. Jill you are such a trooper!!! This is great!!! I am currently reading a memoir called “dinner:a love story” and this woman talks about the battles and tips of getting dinner on the table (especially with two little girls!). She even provides some handy tips! You should check it out! I love it so far!

  2. I’d love for you to email me everything! I’m working on a similar project for myself and it’s definitely overwhelming. I shop for 2 weeks at a time, but I find myself avoiding the store after those two weeks are up. Thank goodness for loving husbands who will eat anything we cook! Thanks for sharing! my email is nfoell18 at gmail dot com

  3. AMAZING! I totally feel the same way. I would absolutely love a copy of all your hard work ๐Ÿ™‚ if it is not to much to ask ( I have some fun, easy, HEALTHY recipes if you would like in return for future projects. Great job Jill. Mom/Wife of the year award.

  4. okay it finally worked! lol.
    I second what Jani said: Mom/ Wife of the year award definitely goes to you Jill! you are awesome! thanks for doing all the hard work for all of us!! Can you email me a copy too! I’d love it!
    PS- I LOVE that cute meal calendar! we should make them!!!

  5. Good for you! I need to do something like that because we go to the store ALL the time. Planning would surely help. Can you send me the copy too? We can SO make that menu board! It would be easy.

  6. Jill, I am in desperate need of easier, healthy meals. I don’t love cooking and by the time I get home from work and Jeff from school, we are both tired! I would love your recipes and everything!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My email is brenda_e2 at

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