One of my favorite parts about this time of year is reflecting on traditions.

You grow up doing things around the holidays that brings your family closer together.

It’s been really satisfying starting new traditions now that I have my own family. They start small, sometimes on accident and those are usually the best.

We’ve started a new family tradition called, “Magic Carpet Rides,” where Michael pulls the girls on a blanket after family scripture.

They both jump on, giggle and try not to fall off of the blanket.

Magic Carpet Rides

They look forward to it all day, and I love watching the smiles on their faces.

Family traditions are special moments that bring us so much joy.

Carving pumpkins, making cookies, eating Thanksgiving dinner, listening to special songs, it’s a time where memories flood in.

I think that’s why some people get lonely or sad around this time of year too. I wrote a blog post for S&W about seasonal depression last year, and it’s terrible that some people go through hard times.

My heart goes out to anyone who feels lost or lonely, especially during this holiday season.

I stop myself and think, wow I am so blessed. During the Thanksgiving holiday, I tried to think of everything I was grateful for, but I mostly just had an overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness in my life.

I know there are different times and seasons for life, but this is one I will always cherish.

I’m Thankful for:

  • The way Carmen compliments me when I get dressed
  • The way Nora likes to play with my eyes and nose as she falls asleep
  • The fact that Michael leads us in couple prayer every morning, even if I’m half asleep
  • How Nora nuzzles into my shoulder when she meets someone new
  • How I have a beautiful home where I feel safe
  • That my family cares about me and stays connected
  • That we both have jobs to sustain our family
  • Skype convos
  • Good friends who I enjoy being around and who will swap babysitting with me!
  • Texas weather, even if it doesn’t always feel quite right
  • My knowledge of the gospel and my chance to serve in RS
  • Fun activities that people and the community put on to make being a mom fun!
  • Walmart. Sad but true…
  • My health and my healthy children, and Michael’s too…
  • A big closet so I can get dressed quickly and things can stay somewhat organized
  • Special memories
  • The way Carmen goes out on the swings every morning
  • Fun crafts and recipes that help me feel domestic
  • Random phone calls from friends
  • Music…it cheers me up, motivates me to run, and puts the girls to sleep
  • How Carmen is learning how to pray on her own
  • Michael’s caring nature and loving relationship with our girls
  • The way Carmen thinks “Daddy’s home” every time she hears the door sensor beep
  • My flower garden that is still alive
  • My iPhone. Camera, GPS, apps, social networking…need we say more?
  • A ward family where I feel like I fit in and can serve
  • The way my girls like to dance and sing to music with me
  • How Carmen enjoys being around friends
  • That I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family, and I’ll get to spend Christmas with my in-laws…and how I love them both so much!
  • A husband who knows what I need and is my #1, even when my attention is diverted
  • This time of year

Enjoy these pictures from a few of our recent traditions around Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I’m so blessed




2 responses to “Tradition

  1. I love catching up with you guys by reading these posts and seeing all your adorable pictures! I was just thinking we should have taken better advantage of that last year when all four of us were at byu, I miss you! Beautiful post too.

    • Thanks Jenna. I know it! I look back at those BYU days, and realize how lucky I was to have great friends so close. But nonetheless, I’m glad we are still connected! Congrats on Will’s bday and a new baby on the way. You’re gorgeous inside and out. Wish you could come help me decorate and pick out some curtains! haha. Miss you!!

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