Carmen has started saying because…
She tries to make her sentences longer and it is so funny.
She’ll say, “Mom, I tired because, I need my blankie.”
Or “I want to wear a dress because I like it.”
Or “I eat dinner because it’s all gone.”

I’m impressed she’s giving it a shot, even if her words don’t quite make sense.
She’s getting so big.

Nora too. Nora is now 10 months old. 10 MONTHS! That’s crazy that she’s almost a year.
She walks all over, eats like a champ, and is still small as a doll.
She is determined and smiley and full of life. I love my little NJ.

So, following Carmen’s example I wanted to share with you some reasons BECAUSE…

My day is not dull. It’s full of all things mom.
I love my life because…

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3 responses to “Because

  1. Loved the post, Jill! Michael told me about Carmen saying “because.” haha Can’t wait to have a real conversation with her in just a couple weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for keeping this blog! I look forward to every post!!! Love you!

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