NEWSFLASH– it takes quite a bit of EXTRA effort to be a good mom.

Ok, a TON of effort.

Last night I was on my iPad while Michael was watching the Cowboys game. We both know this isn’t exactly “quality time” but it’s a way for us both to unwind and relax.

We are working on developing our talks, interaction and quality time in other ways!

Anyway, I was getting so excited because I found a number of mom bloggers out there.

These aren’t just the mommy bloggers who dump photos of their little kiddos.

These are the super moms.

They are the ones who take the time to SHARE THE LOVE with the rest of us.

They have spent time developing activities you can do with toddlers. They post pictures, tell you the supplies you need, and they keep it all reasonable. They know that a toddler’s attention span is only 10 mins max. That’s why they share HUNDREDS of ideas and even link up with other mommy bloggers.

I was so happy.

It’s the little EXTRA.

I know I’m a good mom, because I care. Most moms DO care, but it goes beyond caring.

It takes that something extra.

It takes real work. It takes experimenting and learning how to make every day count.

It’s hard to entertain a toddler for 8-10 hours EVERY DAY.

Especially, THIS one!

Sometimes I wish I was an El Ed major…

I have no clue how daycare people survive. (more on that later… I have a hard time splitting my attention with MY two kids, let alone 10-20. Props to them.)

Anyway, this mom business takes planning and a lot more effort to do.

Consider the amount of effort it takes to learn numbers, or paint, or develop a sensory activity compared to just turning on Dora or a movie.

Let’s be honest.

It’s a struggle for me to think of cool ideas. Carmen is rarely interested and usually is over it by the time I collect all the supplies.

On the way home from the park yesterday, I picked up some leaves.

I went through this EXTRA effort to find some toddler crafts involving leaves that she’d like, and then today….

It didn’t go as planned.

She’s into wearing dresses. EVERY DAY.

So when I had her put on one of my t-shirts so she wouldn’t ruin her dress, she thew a fit.

She wore it, because that’s the kind of mom I am, but it threw off the groove.

Anyway, it just made me think… that’s a lot of EXTRA effort that wasn’t really worth it!

Here she is posing after, all innocent….

But guess what? It is. It’s worth it.

I really do think it is. Because it was different.

Those type of activities are the ones she STILL talks about.

Like when we made an ABC book, or “looked for treasure” in a bin outside.

I just have to remember that even if she’s throwing a fit DURING it. Maybe, just MAYBE she’ll turn the corner.

I guess my girl just likes to brag to her dad and friends about the cool stuff she does.

Who knows.

I’m just trying to remember that it’s all worth it. Maybe not for the praise and the thank-yous that my daughter gives me, but for the type of woman I’m becoming.

The one by your side, coloring, on the floor, telling silly jokes, playing with puppets and making every day count.

Water coloring…

Playing at the park…

Or just playing with “Tinker” or “Bobo” our puppets!

I want to be a GREAT mom. The one that really cares.

Not just to post my totally cool kid activity on Instagram or brag on Facebook or a blog…but beyond that.

Creating a relationship of learning with my children.

Caring and putting that EXTRA in, so I can be a GREAT mom.

Not just in words, but in actions.

Here’s to us moms, trying to do a little extra.

I’m here with ya.

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Check out some of my pins for the toddler activities and more for the kiddos.



4 responses to “Extra

  1. Jill you are the ideal Mom…Carmen and Nora are so lucky!!! I miss you guys dearly but when I see posts like these it gives me a window into your world and your heart most important. Thank you for encouraging me to blog it has brought so much happiness into my life and the lives of many I know!!!

  2. I think the difference between a great mom and a GREAT mom is the effort and desire to BE a great mom. Clearly you are a GREAT mom.

    Although I have to admit I feel you on whether *it’s* worth it sometimes to make the extra effort (prime example would be an entire activity centered around Jack in the Beanstalk or the time I tried to teach the letter A…..or really pick a day, pick a theme, and it’s hit or miss whether it’s going to be super fun at the time or super fun retroactively). But it is very much the case that the kids will remember these times and be better people because of your effort. Yesterday afternoon my daughter (who is 4) was pushing every.single.one of my buttons. I breathed and suggested maybe we paint (in silence, yeah right). What does she do but take off her socks and start painting her feet. My husband looked over chuckled and said “see? I would have NEVER thought to do that”. And later he said, it’s because of me that she is so creative and it’s because of me that she tries new things, and thinks things like painting footprint art is commonplace, because around here, it is.

    Thank you for linking to my blog. It’s very flattering and I very much appreciate it. It’s inspired me to do something fabulous tomorrow with the kids….wait tomorrow is flu shots, yup…..you’ve inspired me to do something fabulous with the kids Thursday (tomorrow is just doomed).

    • Thanks so much Mary. I really appreciate people like you who take the time to share their tips and tricks with other moms. It’s a true service that I am grateful for. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your encouragement. It really makes a difference in their little world if we can get on their level and foster creativity. I love the story of your little girl. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care and best of luck in all your mom adventures!

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