There are no words to describe this new single from Taylor Swift.

She dedicated it to a young boy who lost his life to Cancer.

She sang it at Stand Up to Cancer, to benefit Childhood Cancer Awareness.

I was able to write a blog post about it for S&W, and never before was I at such a loss for words.

What a beautiful thing Taylor Swift did for this little boy.

Not only did she honor his mother’s blog by using her words, but she took it a step further. Taylor Swift named her song, “Ronan”

The boy’s name.

The mother was so honored that now everyone would know her son’s name.

The more I read around the story, the more I cried.

Such a tender display of love and hope and grief.

Please read my story and share with others.

It’s sure to change you, even just a little.

Seriously… read the article.

Or if you want to read it from The New York Times, that’s cool too. haha.



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