“I’m a girl, and by me that’s only great!”

So, I guess it’s going to be a long road of learning how to mother girls…

But it seems they COME GIRLY!

I know I’m not a tom-boy, but I don’t walk around all day with a purse, glasses, and all that jazz.

Seriously, I’m in trouble.

Look at Nora’s dainty little hand.

What is the deal with the lip gloss, purses, necklaces, headbands, bows, pink, pearls…

I put together a makeup bag for Carmen to play with of all fake or old makeup.

She pretends to get ready sometimes alongside me.

She’ll exclaim, “Cuteeee!!!” or “Look, Mom, I so pretty!”

I just smile.

These girls are going to need a brother…

We’ve tried to get Carmen to kick a ball around. I even sit and help her play with blocks…

But maybe all they’ll need is just a MANLY dad!

As much as we need some boys to tease us, burp in our faces, or jump on the furniture…

We’re ok with pink, drama and frilly.

I see both of my girls interacting together and I just know, it’s going to be a ride!

A ride full of pink, fairies, pearls and occasional hair-pulling and scratching.

Bring on the girly… makeup bag and all!

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5 responses to “Makeup

    • Thanks for the comment and the props for my hair. It’s pretty blonde…guess that’s what happens in the summer time! I know, Mac makeup of all… I give her my empty ones. haha. But STILL! 🙂 Love ya!

  1. As a (former) female athlete I LOVE that you are giving them a solid foundation of FEMININITY! They may or may not be athletes, but if they are athletes they will be girly ones and that is great! LOVE keeping up with those girls!

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