Sometimes it can be hard to do the same ol’ same every day.

In the shower this morning, I mixed up my shampoo and conditioner. If anyone else has done this, it’s really frustrating when the shampoo doesn’t seem to lather. For some reason, I still don’t figure it out right away. I’m rubbing my head, no lather…check the bottle… oh man. Just have to laugh!

Anyway, it dawned on me…for someone super crazy like me, it’s strange I don’t have a “getting ready in the morning” routine.

Some days I put my deodorant on before my lotion, other times after, other times I forget. (Just kidding.)

This might surprise some people who do the same exact thing every day. Makeup, hair, clothes, etc.

I think ever since I had my bouncing bundles of joy, my routine had to adjust a little.

On a moment’s notice, I could have crying babies and little eyes waiting for my attention. It would throw-off things, I guess.


With that said, I have tried to set a good routine for my girls.

Up, eat breakfast, ready for the day.

Time to play, Nora nap, special time with Carmen, etc. etc.

Some days I remember to get out my camera and capture little moments like Nora crawling.

I know it’s going to fly by…

She’s 7 months already!


Children need consistency.

Consider this article:

“Keeping regular routines with a child is also an important part of consistency. Days are less chaotic and arguments more infrequent if a child knows what is expected of them upon rising, after school, or when going to bed. Consistency helps a child develop a sense of responsibility in that they know exactly what is required of them.”

I love watching Carmen learn about her world.

She brushes her own teeth, picks out her clothes/bow, and is constantly asking me questions about the world around us.

She knows what to expect each day and can look forward to it.

She giggles and says, “I excited!” and it makes me so happy.

I’m happy I get to provide her with a solid foundation to grow and learn.


Most of all, the gospel teaching in our home is the most important thing to me.

It has to be a part of our routine.

Carmen has learned how to get the scriptures, kneel for family prayer, and sing Primary songs all by herself.

There is nothing better as a mom, than to see her singing “I’m a Child of God,” to her baby doll.

It’s so humbling.

Not anything that I’m doing, but proves that these little spirits are precious. They are our Father’s and only ours so that we can learn, grow and love.

In her prayers she thanks Heavenly Father for Dora and all kinds of great stuff.

I guess I should be more grateful for Dora too!


One of my favorite talks is from Elder Bednar, More Diligent and Concerned at Home.

“Being consistent in our homes is important for another reason. Many of the Savior’s harshest rebukes were directed to hypocrites. Jesus warned His disciples concerning the scribes and Pharisees:

“Do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not” (Matthew 23:3). This strong admonition is sobering given the counsel to “express love—and show it,” to “bear testimony—and live it,” and to “be consistent.”

The hypocrisy in our lives is most readily discerned and causes the greatest destruction within our own homes. And children often are the most alert and sensitive when it comes to recognizing hypocrisy.”

WOW. Do I say, and do not?

It’s a powerful reminder to not only say you love them, but to show it.

To not just bear testimony and say you believe, but to live it.

And of course, the hardest part…be consistent.

Of course it’s important to have a morning routine, a routine for the kids, or even an exercise routine. All that aside, if we aren’t creating Christ-centered routines in our home, we will be in trouble.

I think about a mom who said, “I have 8 years before Satan can influence my little one. I’m going to make every second count.”

So true. I don’t want any time to go by, without these girls knowing what’s most important.


Then some days, we have to do something different.

The dinner, bath, stories, scriptures, bed is good…but I need more spontaneity  in my life at times.

That’s why yesterday we packed up dinner (kinda lame dinner, but Michael was a trooper) and we drove out to Lake Belton.

We threw rocks in the water, enjoyed the view and got out before we were too sweaty!

I’m so grateful for a family where I can learn the principle of consistency and a Christ-centered routine.


I realized, although it’s a pain to do the same thing over and over, I need to change my perspective.

When trials hit or hard times come, all you want is to be NORMAL.

To do the same, every day stuff.

Laundry, bed time, lunch together… you are grateful when things seem “boring” or “mundane.”

I’ll take that over a life-altering crisis any day.

So bring on the daily routine…

and some special outings too!



5 responses to “Routine

  1. I love you Jill! Your blog is terrific! My precious grandchildren and my son are so blessed to have you in their lives every day to do the “same old, same old” wonderful and special things you always do!!! Your touch is so gentle and warm!
    Happy Same Old Wonderful Day to YOU my dear, sweat daughter!

  2. Love this word! You know I am all about Routine. I love that Max knows exactly what is happening day after day and that I know he finds comfort in my consistency! I also really loved that talk that Elder Bednar gave, and I love how you are such a great writer. Thanks for being such a great friend and such a great mother to look up to!

    • Thanks for the sweet compliments AnnMarie. Our friendship is dear to me, and yes…the consistency is KEY. It’s the only thing to keep us going with two little ones! Although…. I do love a break in the routine every now and then when we get to chat on the phone and catch up. Miss you!

  3. Okay this is kind of funny timing; I wish I’d read this post yesterday when I was feeling a little sick of doing the same things every single day. I know you don’t do it on purpose, but you’re really good at putting me in my place with your blog posts! lol. Your Ruby Jane post came at the perfect time when I was having a hard week with my kids and needed reminding of how precious they are and how lucky I am to have them in my life… And I won’t go into the same ole details, but this post had perfect timing as well. Thanks Jill!

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