This week I am participating in Remembering Ruby Jane.

My cousin’s baby passed away a year ago this week while she was waiting for an organ.

Little Ruby was only 7 months old but left the biggest impression.

Her story is so inspiring, in large part, thanks to her strong mom and dad.

Every time I would read about her, tears would feel my eyes.

It brought my life and my calling as a mother into true perspective.

I think about Ruby everyday and especially when I call my little girl Nora Jane.

I never want to forget her story.

I want to be strong like that little angel and her parents.


Also, this picture touched my heart.

Just sitting.

Soaking it in.

Not a fancy camera. Not a big celebration.

Just tender, strong and sweet.

I think sometimes I take holding my baby for granted, until I remember Ruby or think of this dear soldier.

Life is so precious.

These babies are sent from above.

Please read Ruby’s story from the beginning.

Or, check out my other post about sweet Ruby Jane.

I feel so blessed to have TWO sweet girls, just like Ani. I can’t wait to tell Carmen about Ruby this week and participate. Hopefully we can find some balloons to launch on Sunday, too!

We will never forget her.

Thanks for being so strong.




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