I have been hesitant to invade this part of Jill’s world. This is her domain. She is an excellent writer and has inspired all of her followers (including me) for over a year now through her word posts. A little while ago Jill asked me if I would write a guest post… so here I am… knees trembling and all.

I realize most of you might simply know me as Jill’s husband or may have just seen pictures or heard of me through this blog. And that is perfectly fine by me. Jill, as the super wife she is, has graciously portrayed me as her fairytale prince. I am not sure if I meet all the requirements of a prince but I do know that to be a prince, you must marry a princess…and that is one thing I have done. I married my princess 3 years ago. Isn’t she stunning?!…

Our wedding day

Checking out my new wife

After a wonderful but quick 3 years of marriage, we now have two daughters. For those of you keeping track, that is 1 guy to 3 girls. I absolutely love Jill and my daughters are the cutest little munchkins. They are my life and I feel so blessed to a husband and father to them.

My girls

But before getting married and having kids, I assumed as a dad I would be able to re-live all the things I loved growing up – ninja turtles, soccer, Tom and Jerry cartoons, basketball games in the parking lot, K2 roller blades and roller hockey, basketball trading cards, hot wheels, video games, all kinds of sports, Pogs and super soaker water guns – Nothing could be farther from that right now.

Our house is already overflowing with bracelets, princess dresses, Dora the Explorer, tutus, bling, lip gloss, hot pink colors, a Disney princess kitchen, brushes, bows, princess sing-along songs and dancing, sparkles, make-up, panties, curls, ribbons, perfume, manicures and pedicures, necklaces, purses, sunglasses and coloring books.

And I am totally fine with that. In fact, I am loving it! I have so much fun with my girls.

Sticking Belle onto Carmen’s kitchen

On a walk


Playing outside

Before work

Nora and me, 6 months old

On the swing

Me and Carmen

Out to eat with Nora

Feeding Nora

My dad is a great dad. He has counseled other parents for years, encouraging them to ‘get in the boat with their children,’ meaning they need to find out what their children’s hobbies are and get involved.

As a small example, I have a younger sister and when she was in high school she liked to watch a particular reality TV show. My dad, in an effort to ‘get in the boat with her,’ would sit on the couch next to her and watch this show. And for those of you who don’t know my dad that was a huge deal. He refers to most reality shows as ‘trash TV’ and would much rather watch Fox News or the History Channel or AMC but he was building a relationship with his daughter.

He had one more thing in common with her, something they could casually talk about and look forward to watching together. That is a great dad!

Me and my Dad on Father’s Day

As a Father’s Day gift this year, my parents gave me a book entitled Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. I strongly recommend this book to any father with young daughters and I guess Dave Ramsey does as well.

I have always wanted to be involved in my children’s life but after reading this book, I understand a little more why it is so important to provide the right amount of support, love, counsel and discipline while maintaining an open, two-way communication stream. There is so much filth out there in the world waiting to corrupt my little angels. I jokingly (and then not-so-jokingly) tell Jill I don’t want to let them leave the house. I just want to lock them in their room and keep them from pop culture, mainstream media and peer pressure.

I mean…look at those faces.

Thankfully we have great counsel from inspired people. See what Elaine S. Dalton had to say about how a father can raise a happy, well-adjusted daughter in today’s increasingly toxic world.

Jill is an amazing mother and I am lucky to be in the parenting trenches with her.

Best of luck to all you parents, especially dads or future dads.



5 responses to “Girls

  1. Michael! This was Awesome. It is so wonderful to see how great of a dad you are. I know one thing is for sure, you’re girls will never have to worry if their dad loved their mother. You Love Jill so much and its clear in the actions you make to show her. I loved seeing you in all those photos… reality check for me! You two really have not just one but 2 littles in your growing family! We need to catch up to you.. haha I am glad you posted. So much to learn from this post. You’re awesome! I miss you guys!

  2. Okay so I can’t not comment on this – You two are simply amazing!! Your relationship with each other exemplifies what marriage and family should be and most importantly is a direct reflection of each of your personal relationships with your Savior. Thank you for being such a great example to all of us. Love you guys!!!

  3. Ohhhh Michael:) You already know how grateful I am for the kind of husband and father you are! I count it as one of my life’s greatest blessings….I have seen you in action and admire the way you have “jumped in the boat” that is so totally hot pink!! Haha! You have made Jill very happy and Carmen and Nora know their daddy loves them!!!! You take your role of “provider & protector” seriously and it saves me so many worries:) Whenever I want to smile, I think of little Carmen standing on a chair watching from the window in adoration as her daddy mowed the lawn….or the tenderness of Nora falling asleep on your chest….or the painstaking detail it took to tape the whole house so Jill could have her wish of a fresh coat of paint in her new home!! My joy is full and often spills over in tears lately as I see this video and all the pictures and I know the type of real man who blesses the life of my daughter and granddaughters every day!!!!

  4. This was a Beautiful post. I really admire how much you obviously adore all your girls! The night when we were all playing Bocce Ball and Michael you were talking about all the cute things Carmen does, I realized you just absolutely loved being her Daddy! and thought it was so neat that you were so proud of your sweet little girl and love and adore her just the way she is! (not that I blame you! Carmen is a doll and just makes people feel special, or at least makes me feel special every time I see her! lol. but seriously), I think that alone will do wonders for her confidence in herself and in the Lord as she grows up. Then there’s the fact that you so undeniably cherish their mother. This post alone showed that! But, Jill I was literally just commenting to Seth the other night after the ward party that you guys are like a fairytale couple. You still look at each other like newlyweds! Seriously, you can see how much you both love each other. It’s really kind of special and neat to observe… 🙂
    PS- Jill you look so gorgeous in your wedding pictures! you should post more!!!!

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