Here’s a peek into us.

When we moved in we found a bird’s nest.

They were determined this nest would be right under our main front door overhang.

Every day Michael would knock it down and the next day, it would be built.

They were fast, persistent and had a purpose.

They were preparing for their babies.

Sure enough we gave up and the babies came.

Our little birds

I loved watching the mom come and go. She’d bring bugs that sometimes landed on the porch instead of the nest, but I didn’t mind.

I seriously thought it was the sweetest thing.

It gave me new purpose in my every day life as a mom.

I was building a nest.

A home.

Something special, safe and worthwhile.

It’s true. I don’t have a lot of freedom.

I stayed home for most of the days last week.


I know my babies are growing up fast.

Soon they’ll be grown up birdies and leaving the nest.

I don’t want that day to come, but I know it will.

That’s why I treat every day like a little gift.

Sometimes I lose sight of it, but I try not to.

We are safe here.

We are happy.

In our little Taylor nest.

We go on the playground every day.

We take time to sit and play.

We giggle and laugh.

We take lots of baths!

I look into those big blue eyes…

And try to show off their cute Sunday dresses.

I do a little S&W work on the side…

Sometimes we are a little crazy…

But we take time to soak in the moments….

Before my little birdies will fly away



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