Today is a day to honor our pioneer heritage.

Those who fought for faith and have paved the way of true religion.

I’m grateful for those members of my family who have given me a solid foundation and a heritage to be proud of.

Check out my amazing family tree!

You can generate your own in seconds, and it’s so neat to see.

Check it out here at (if you’re LDS and have a login, you can use that…soo easy)

But, as sad as it is…

I am far removed from pioneer days.

I don’t have an ox or a handcart.

I have so much.

I have Pinterest.

Yep, Pinterest and pioneers…it all relates.

Today I found myself thinking of  a  huge fear I have, so I made it into a graphic:

no copyright infringement intended

It’s true.

While my ancestors were worried about frozen toes and on the verge of life and death, my problems are much less.

More on my generations post here.

We are so blessed.

Pinterest has enriched my life with fun ideas, helpful tips and inspiring images.

I’m sure we can relate.

Every generation has a new set of challenges and success.

I feel like I am blessed every day for the sacrifice of my family members on the other side…

I mean, they didn’t even have Pinterest!



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