Raising a toddler is fun.

You learn a lot.

A lot.

About life.

About them.

About yourself.

I’ve learned that sometimes I want to change the rules.

I want to set a standard and then when I see her poor face, go back on my word.

But that’s not the deal.

Consistency is key, and consequences follow our actions.

I made this quote pretty for you to enjoy:

So simple.

So true.

That word, consequence, is a big deal.

Sometimes we don’t think about it before we act.

Let’s remember that however painful it may be, usually the rules don’t change and consequences happen.

Oh, and in case we try to say that “no one told us so,” check out 581 search results from the LDS General Authorities speaking of the importance of consequences.

Everything you do has an effect.

Good or bad.

Now let’s start making good ripples!!



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