I absolutely love my girls.

Nora is growing up so fast, she is almost 5 months old. Where has the time gone?

She is such a big part of our family.

I thought today, I can’t remember what it was like before her.

We snuggle her, hold her, and listen to her giggle.

She has blonde hair, long toes and a goopy eye that is learning how to drain! (poor tear duct…).

When she smiles, her whole faces lights up.

A woman at church nicknamed her “smiley.”

I love her more than words can say.

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Let’s just say, I’m growing too.

I’m getting the hang of this mom thing.

I’ve realized a few things.

  • If I want to get ready for the day, it has to be before the kids
  • I can get out the door before 10am, no problem!
  • I use restraint to control the madness–have to put one in the carseat and then go back in to get the other
  • I take time to sit, laugh and play
  • I am becoming more creative with my songs, games and stories
  • I feel like I can do it….then I skip ahead and start to worry about potty training, playing with friends, or teenage years and get nervous

Being a mom is a big deal. I now appreciate pinterest for the fabulous moms who share helpful tips and insights for moms.

I got a text from a good friend, she’s about my age . She told me she babysat for the first time in awhile. She had to change diapers, clean up goldfish, and do the “not so glamorous” stuff us moms do every day.

I read the text right after I changed two diapers, calmed the crying and put them in bed for naps. (Something to be celebrated!)

But I paused and thought, yep…that’s what I do.

I’m a mom.

Hardest work I’ll ever do, and change it for nothing else in the entire world.

I am molding into the woman I want to be, thanks to these precious souls from above.

I love you Nora and so happy you came to our family! These 5 months have been wonderful!



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