There’s a lot I want to say about sisters…
So hang on and hear me out.

First, let me introduce you to my brother. (I know, this is a post about SISTERS, so why Kent?)

Here he is:

In all of his handsome glory.

He is my big brother.

I’ve always looked up to him. See, proof:











We have a great relationship. We have always been close.

When we were young, we’d spend hours playing together: legos, turtles, forts, orphans…he was the best!

Then as teenagers we spent lots of late nights talking. He was my cool senior brother when I was a freshman! Then, at BYU We used to do lunch dates and even attempted at sharing a car.

Then I got married.

Not only did I get married, but to a wonderful man who Kent set me up with.

I owe everything to Kent.

Michael has fit into the family perfectly. He comes along for the ride, and is a good sport about all our crazy quirks!

I soon realized that me and Kent turned different–not bad—but different. I now took lots of pictures with ‘my guy’ and Kent maybe felt a little on the sidelines.

I mean, I’m his little sister!

But I’m here to say, through life and all the changes, I still need my brother. He’s something special.


Well, Kent is now the Mormon Bachelor.

This means he will have the opportunity to be set up with 12 different Mormon girls throughout the country. These girls will apply to date Kent, hoping to find a lasting match.

Kent will be open about his dates and portions of them will be available for the public to watch online.

He is taking this very seriously and is determined that girl is out there!


So here’s the deal. I was blessed with the BEST little sister.

Here she is:

We are 6 years apart,ย  but we are still best of friends.

I used to get upset with her for her hundreds of stuffed animals that she insisted needed to be on her bed (aka floor)…

Anyway, she is now blossomed into a gorgeous young lady and is going to BYU PROVO this summer!

We have a special relationship, and have grown even closer in recent years.


So one of the MAJOR bonuses of marrying into the Taylor family is this gorgeous girl:

I LOVE HER!! She makes me laugh with cool things she sends me from the internet. She makes me feel comfortable in any conversation. She makes me feel like we are REAL sisters. She never had a sister before, and I was SO LUCKY to be her maid of honor at her wedding.

We clicked instantly, and she is a genuine, beautiful girl!


In just a few short days, I will get another beautiful sister. Michael’s brother is marrying the gorgeous girl (yes, she’s a blonde!!!) on the right.

She is absolutely amazing, in every sense of the word.

She is strong, subtle, sweet, and simply perfect!

I can’t wait to get to know her better and latch on to her, just like sisters are supposed to do!!


How happy was I when I found out that Carmen was going to have a sister??! Well, sure, I was a little terrified at first..

Why? Because sometimes sisters are ruthless. Sometimes they fight over clothes and pull each others hair. Sometimes they like the same boys and sometimes they….you know…just do that girl thing.

But then I thought. No, they’ll be best of friends.

I can see it developing already. They love each other.

Nora smiles at Carmen.

Carmen looks out for Nora.

They are SISTERS and I can’t get enough of it.

Ok, so it could end there..but like I said, this is long. Why is sisters today’s word?


Because I want another amazing sister!

I want Kent to find the woman of his dreams.

I know he is looking for a connection and he will know when he finds her.

But let’s be honest. 100s of girls are applying…and I’m just NERVOUS.

What type of girls are out there?

Will we overlook one that might have worked?

Who knows!

But as I went to bed last night I couldn’t help but think…

Can I put my opinion out there?

Can I influence one (it only takes ONE) girl out there to apply for the show?

The right girl…the IDEAL girl.

So, here it goes.


Here’s my top-10 two cents…

A girl who…

1. Loves the Lord more than anything. More than she’ll love Kent, herself, anyone. Cares more about what the Lord thinks than what others do or say.

2. Is temple-worthy and desires a temple marriage.(Might even be willing to be sealed in Kent’s fav the SD temple!)

3. Wants to be a mom. A NICE mom who loves kids. Won’t yell at them like a crazy-person and has a service-oriented spirit. (As my baby starts to fuss in the other room…haha)

4. Can make Kent laugh. Doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Is fun, spontaneous and lives life to the fullest. Balances fun with deep intellect.

5. Can help Kent feel comfortable. Doesn’t stretch to make conversation. Is easy to talk to and real!

6. Is naturally good-natured and non-judgmental. Doesn’t dwell or feed on drama. Doesn’t talk bad about others or themselves.

7. Can support a family with strong financial common sense. Is smart and college educated. Isn’t afraid to go through dental school with Kent or sacrifice a little. Doesn’t feel entitled to things, or over-spoiled. My parents do SO much for us, so it’s nice to have a grateful heart.

8. Likes to be active, fit and fun. Enjoys sports and has a healthy competitive flair.Doesn’t mind getting sweaty playing vball or dirty when camping.

9. Dresses modestly. Always. Period. (Don’t know why that is so hard for some women…) It is about respecting herself. A girl who is not interested in getting attention from guys, but respect from them. Shoots for attention from the right men and will teach her girls to do the same.

10. Is someone I can look up to as a person of genuine kindness and character. Is willing to love our family as much as we’ll love her.


Loves Kent and can find true joy living eternally with him!

Best of luck to all the ladies, and I hope one of you will someday be my SISTER!

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18 responses to “Sisters

  1. Great post Jill! You are so good with words and articulated this very cleverly. I loved reading it! You are so lucky to have your sisters!

  2. Jill. I love this. As I was reading I thought about who I considered to be sisters in my life. You are a sister to me Jill. Thanks for being such a great friend. I know we don’t get to see each other or even talk often (I should fix that) but I am so grateful for you.

  3. Jill, after our chat today I followed you back on twitter and then saw that you have a blog! It’s wonderful! I loved reading this post and definitely hope Kent finds a girl that will fit into your amazing family. He will- I know it! I’ll be reading along- love you!

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  5. you sure have lots of pictures of yourself when its a post about your brother. and I’m in a dance team for byu and none of the girls wear garments when we’re in our costumes, does that make us bad people? you sounded very self righteous and judgemental when you said you don’t get why its hard for some girls. judging someone is a bigger sin than dressing immodestly.

    • First, she never said it was a post about Kent…it was a post about sisters…and future sister-in-laws. Second, team uniforms and dance costumes are one thing…i think she is referring to everyday outfits. And as a final thought, what’s with the judging is a sin comment? All she did was create a list of what she feels would be right for her brother. Of course there will be selective judgment in that…oh and one more thing, there is danger in being too open minded and accepting that you never actually stand for truth!

      • I have no idea what you mean by your last line. anyway when she says she doesn’t get why its hard for some girls to dress immodestly, she is being self righteous and judgemental. there’s a quote, “don’t judge me because my sin is different than yours.” unless she is perfect, she shouldn’t judge someone and think, man, why is it so hard to dress modestly for that girl?” and yeah, I’m sure I’m replying to Jill, not “bt “. anyway, my last time visiting this blog, so bye.

        • I’m sorry to cause such a stir with my comments. I did not mean to come across harsh or judgemental to those who struggle with modesty.

          I hope you can see my overall intent of the post and move past my comments about individual personal struggles. I realize it is different for us all.

    • TH, your post makes me sad. I know you wrote that you won’t be visiting this blog again, but just in case… You are missing the point! Of course dressing modestly doesn’t mean to wear your garments under your dance costumes if they will show, nor does it mean to wear them under your swim suit (unless it is a 1900’s style), haha. What it means to be modest in dress is to respect in all ways the Temple Garment, and why, as faithful latter-day women, we wear them. And, to choose to keep them on every minute that is possible while still participating in your extra curricular activities. It means to respect and honor one’s self, as well as our Father in Heaven in all that you do, wear, say,… Wearing clothes that are completely covering, but merely a second skin is not modest. Wearing clothes that just barely cover the Temple Garment in every direction is also not modest, because you are not respecting the request from our Savior to follow his example and be like him. We are his Disciples. We will be blessed as we seek to understand the meaning of this calling and raise the bar continually. Thanks Jill for your example of grace and honor. I am the mother of ten daughters, and am grateful for mothers like yours that have raised valiant women to be continually teaching of truths side by side with mine.

      • Diana, What a beautiful testimony. As the mother of ten daughters you have wisdom and experience I could never understand or fully appreciate. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care and thanks for visiting!

  6. This is Great! It gives me hope for my little sister Kathleen Ramos. I’ll pray she has the chance to date him. She has met so many wonderful guys who couldn’t or wouldn’t put their Heavenly Father first. It has been hard not to give up. Thanks for sharing.
    Laurea Stirling

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