I know you all wish you could be a fly on the wall…

We do have a lot of flies around here…(I desperately need sunshine, and sometimes I have to leave the door open for some fresh air…hence, the flies…)

Anyway, if you want to know a little of what’s been going on, here’s a peek:

  • We get into the car. The CD player takes a minute to start. In those few seconds, Carmen manages to say, “Dance, Dance.” She’s a little impatient if you ask me. Then the music comes on and she says, “Dance mom!” Sometimes she’ll even tell Nora to move her elbows. “Nora Elbows!” And she even has song requests, “Old McDonald!!” man… this girl and her music!
  • When Carmen wants to put on lip gloss, she’ll pucker her lips and say “Lip gloss!” complete with the motion of putting it on her lips. It’s really cute…
  • When Carmen wants a chocolate I tell her she can only have one. I’m trying to teach her some limits. Now she says, “Treat. One” and holds up her finger with a number one. I just wish she really understood what the “one” means.
  • Carmen tried on glasses in Walmart, and she kept asking to see herself in the mirror. I was just praying that she didn’t bend them out and break them. She was trying on all types of shades and thinking she was so cool looking in the mirror.
  • Carmen is all about the bubbles. She even got a bubble gun, so now it’s non-stop action around here. She freaks out, stomps her feet around, and then says “Nora bubbles!” I’m glad she likes to share the happiness with her sister.
  • She now associates gum, mints and tic-tacs with Nana…and church. It’s a great technique to keep her on our lap the whole time. Thanks Nana…you’ve revolutionized our Sundays.
  • Carmen has now learned how to make funny faces. When Kari and her kids stayed with us, her sweet little girl would pull her cheeks down with her fingers, showing off her bottom teeth. Carmen thought it was hilarious, and now does the same thing. She can even associate it with her, and says “Maylee.” haha. YAY for cousins!!
  • Carmen is aware when things go bad. When she drops things, when things brake, or when she rips a sticker in half. My recent favorite is when the mouse on Cinderella had his tail tangled, and he sits on the bed trying to untie it. Every time this part comes on, Carmen always yells, “Oh no!”
  • Speaking of princesses, Carmen can now say princesses. She has a Disney sing along movie, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. I like that it changes through multiple movies quickly, and I don’t get sick of the music. I mean, who doesn’t love some Disney classics now and then? Her favorite is Snow White, don’t ask me why… But she loves to say “Snow White!” haha. She also has princess bath toys, and she likes to swim with “Ariel” in the tub. Bring on the princess madness!
  • Carmen is a big helper with Nora. She can shove her pacifier in, and every time she’s crying she says “Help Nora.” She also thinks that Nora is always poopy, so she’ll pat her bottom and diaper and say “Poopy, Nora.” She can go get her a diaper, and always says “ewww.” Little does she know, her diapers are 5x more gross! It’s cute to see her get diapers out for her dolls. She even tries to change her doll’s diaper. I guess she’s learning from her mamma!
  • So Michael is a great dad. He plays with the girls and reads them stories. He also fills up the bathtub waaaayyy high and Carmen loves it. When we are not doing the bedtime routine, we are usually watching a show. Because of this, Carmen associates the remote with Daddy. She’ll say, “Daddy’s remote.” Now what is even more advanced…she’ll give it to him!
  • Because Carmen likes to follow me around and do what I do, I’ve tried to teach her associations. Like what things belong to whom. She has her own stuff now. The best is that she has her own camera. She says “Carmen’s camera” and will take pictures of Nora when she’s laying on a blanket. It’s too cute for words. She also has her own toothpaste, fake makeup, vacuum, blanket…the list goes on and on. She pats her chest and says “Carmen’s.” It’s so funny.

Just a little glimpse of our life. So much more….but that’s the joy of being a mom. I get to not just blog about it, but LIVE it.

It is perfect.

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