I almost forgot to mention…I turned 24!!

I had a fabulous birthday and was completely spoiled.

I got to attend a fabulous Gala dinner and desert tasting with Michael, and really enjoyed myself.

It felt great to dress up and go out together.

Outside of the gala

But this birthday was really significant, because I turned 2-4 and that’s Kobe’s number.

Because of this, I now have an element of “greatness” to my name. (My brother-in-law is convinced that 24 is the best number ever!)

Which brother-in-law you ask?

This handsome man…

He calls himself the WHITE MAMBA. That’s because the BLACK MAMBA is already taken by Kobe.

Oh, here are Kobe highlights if you don’t  believe me. Something to be said that it’s 10 minutes long. Gotta love Kobe fans.

And if you’re not a Kobe fan, consider this.

We were watching the Hornets v. the Lakers, and he had missed basically all of his shots.

He was like 0-15 and hadn’t scored in 3 quarters.

Then with 20 seconds left, he pulled up and took a 3, making it, and putting the Lakers up by 1.

It was crazy.

He has some serious guts.

I hope that my 24th year of life can be full of risks like that.

It will be fun to see what new adventures lie ahead, and what we have in store!!

Here’s to 2-4!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Oh, and of course…had to throw this in of my cutie!

And a shout out to this gorgeous couple, getting married on the 24th of April…
Hurray for 2-4!!

My favorite from our photoshoot. No, I'm not a pro photographer... 🙂



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