First of all, let me introduce you to my little chicas…

Little Nora Jane has started smiling. She loves it when you tickle her tummy and make high-pitch voices at her.

People make fun of it, but it really works.

And looking like a total weirdo, is worth getting a smile like this:

Sweet Nora smiling at me

She is already 9 weeks old! (Speaking of safe…that little scratch is from her big sister getting a little too up close and personal..)

Then there’s my little munchkin, Carmen. She’s 20 months old, and absolutely delightful.

She’s getting more interested in taking pictures, and I actually get her to hold still a time or two.

She usually plops down next to Nora for a split second, says “Cheese” and then is on her way again.

This time, she plopped down right on top of these pansies.

How adorable is this:

Carmen posing by the pansies

I just love her. She is full of energy and life. She is learning so much every day.

I watch her little mind work, and I am blown away.

I love my girls more and more. It’s unbelievable.

I catch myself many times just reflecting on my life. Usually when I have a chance to breathe, but sometimes in the most spontaneous moments.

I stop and think, “Wow, these are my girls.”

It hit me when Michael told me what happened just outside our apartment.

There was this little bird’s nest hanging out on the overhang where the cars park.

Then all of a sudden, Michael saw a huge black bird…a raven maybe? (idk..i’m no bird expert)…

Anyway, a huge bird came in and swooped in on this nest.

He hung upside down until he got the eggs out.

Michael assumed he ate them, and then came and told me all about it.

He was so sad for those little bird eggs…I love my sensitive man!!

Here’s the egg shell…

Bird egg

And the nest….

Bird nest

I immediately put myself in that mama bird’s place.

What if something happened to my little girls? My little eggs….so innocent and fragile?

What if a big black bird came in and swooped in on us?

Lucky for us, we have this man….

My protector

That’s Michael. (not Photoshopped, just all real MAN) He was first of all so embarrassed that I even took this picture, but he’d absolutely DIE if he saw I posted it for all the world to see…

Anyway, I think he’s perfect.

He does so much to look out for us, and to keep us safe.

Physically, but mostly emotionally.

It’s  a real treasure to have a relationship and a life where you feel secure, safe and loved.

I feel that with my husband.

I want to carry that same assurance onto my daughters.

There is so much evil in the world. It can be a scary place. Big black birds can swoop in, coming in all forms and directions.

We have to be ready. We have to teach our children.

That’s why we participated in General Conference this weekend.

We have living prophets on the Earth today that keep us safe.

They teach us how to strengthen our families, renew our commitment to Christ, and how to press forward every day.

We are so blessed. Although at times it was a little hard to pay attention, we soaked up all 4 sessions, all 8 hours!

The Spirit is now more abundant in our home, and we are all a little better off!

It just made me so grateful to have leaders, examples and direction.

I know that my family will be with me forever.

I know that what I’m doing now, is the most important calling.

It brings me so much joy to keep my girls safe.

It brings me even more joy to share in that role with my best friends.

This makes me smile…

My beautiful best friends and their baby girls!

Both of my friends have beautiful baby girls. They are so full of light and joy, and are striving to do what’s right.

That’s what life is about.

We have to keep each other out of harm’s way.

We all want to be safe.

It’s a small part of drawing close to our Savior, who keeps us all eternally safe.



3 responses to “Safe

  1. Jill!!! I love this. You have such a gift of expression:) So true–All a girl really wants is to feel pretty and safe! Thanks for sharing snapshots of your life and your wisdom. I love you!

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