I look at success a little differently now.

Of course, the world tries to define success:

  • Titles, positions, prestige
  • Big car, big house
  • Name brand clothing
  • Home theaters
  • iPods and every other electronic
  • Money for travel
  • …you name it, you can have it

I want to introduce you to a little thing I’ll call

“Mommy Success”

It’s still that feeling of concentration and perseverance, just defined a little differently.

Mommy Success is…

  • Discovering the poopy diaper before the explosion out the side (ps–they just tried to tell me poopy was spelled wrong…I guess wordpress doesn’t have the mom vocab)
  • Getting ready for the day (complete with shower) before the 20 minute electronic babysitter runs out
  • Being out the door all girls clean and dressed before 10am!
  • Seeing Carmen blow a bubble by herself
  • Have both girls sleeping at the same time for 60 minutes so I can work (or blog…opps! haha)
  • To be able to nurse Nora while sitting down the whole time
  • Being in bed before 11pm!
  • Watching Carmen brush her teeth
  • While driving, reaching back to find the pacifier on my first try
  • Seeing Carmen fold her arms for prayer (because of all our snacks, she does this at least 5 times a day!)
  • Smelling good or putting some lip gloss on before my husband comes home from work
  • Having an idea for dinner before 4:30pm! (extra bonus points for making it by 5:30)
  • …you get the idea

And for those of you who read my other post, mommy success is completing my run today with all smiles!

I figured out the secret to mommy success….fruit snacks, and her own iPod to listen to! She was so happy the whole time and I felt SO good having pushed this beastly car seat around for 2 miles or so!

These pictures were taken today AFTER my run!


It feels so good!

I love my job.

I also love that I get to define success so differently from the world.



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