My husband loves me more than he loves you.

It’s true.

Sounds a little mean, but if you read it again…you’ll believe me. He loves me a lot.

So much, in fact that he came home during his afternoon to see me for a quick bit.

He told me to hide in the back room, and when I came out, I first saw these:

Michael brought these home for the girls!

Perfect. They’re for Carmen and Nora. haha.

He had been playing down the whole Valentine’s Day…we’ve had a few rough nights with the baby and things have been a little crazy, so I thought, yeah, we can celebrate Wednesday or Thursday..no big deal. He had his class all night too, so it was understandable.

But then, he delivered. BIG TIME. I mean, I know everyone has mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Lots of people post on FB all the amazing things that they got, had done to them, or did for others. It really is heartwarming if you look at it with the right intent.

Anyway, Michael is amazing. After I saw those stuffed animals, I saw this:

From my Valentine

He gave me the perfect gift–himself. He always gives such thoughtful, themed presents. It’s something where  he always scores big points. And don’t worry, I gave him Boyz II Men tickets, so he was pretty stoked about that. haha.

A Gift for All 5 Senses:

  • Touch: 1-hr Swedish massage at the Salon! whoa!
  • See: The VOW book to read before we see the movie
  • Hear: A  bunch of reasons why he loves me, on a cute Valentine tree
  • Smell: A dozen red roses
  • Taste: Chocolate covered strawberries

SOOO Sweet!!

So, another part of valentine’s day. The sweets. Yes, and by sweets I mean chocolate.

This is so true, it's sad

I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now to go with no sweets. I lasted a few days, and then I started making excuses.

I hid it all from sight. I cleared it all from the house. When some was given to me, I even gave it away. I rationalized. I went on a run. Still the chocolate cravings are there.

Help me! I’m recommitting myself publicly. We’ll see how it goes.

Another part of my sweetness… are my little munchkins.

They are sweet. They are cuddly. They are also trade off driving me a little crazy.

Today when I tried to go on my run, it started off promising.

  • Carmen sees the stroller on my porch
  • She starts begging for the stroller
  • I put her in the stroller
  • I get her socks, hat, coat, granola bar…
  • Nora is ready to rock in roll. Blanket, full tummy, socks, pacifier…
  • Hair up, exercise clothes on, running shoes, forgot the  bobby pin for the bangs…
  • This all took much longer than you think…
  • Loving my double stroller
  • We start out, All is well
  • 5 minutes in, Carmen gets restless
  • I’m awkwardly going the same pace as a man walking his dog. I speed up to a jog. Hoping Carmen will relax. Hadn’t jogged for awhile. It felt good.
  • Feeling optimistic about all this…
  • Made it out of the complex. Carmen now whining every 10 seconds.
  • I turn her around to see me. (Stroller is so cool, it changes directions of the seat..)
  • She throws her hat on the ground
  • Nora is my favorite daughter for the minute
  • Still whining, I try to discipline
  • Distraction…”look at the sky, the grass, the uhhh…. nothing else really around…”
  • Not working
  • Not even half way…still jogging.
  • Now singing It’sy Bitsy, Old McDonald…you name it…
  • She pulls out her hair bows, she looks like an orphan
  • I see the man who was walking his dog pass me
  • I give Carmen my iPhone. Bad idea.
  • iPhone lands on the ground
  • I’m frustrated
  • I turn the stroller around (Felt like one of those moms..”I’ll turn this car around if you..” haha)
  • Carmen arches her back and looks like she is going to fall out
  • I almost have a heart attack, then I take a picture
  • We arrive home
  • My mom calls 🙂
  • I survived…really wishing my first jogging experience would have gone better so I’d be more motivated to try again

Something’s gotta give…chocolate & sweets, or my jogging…

This is Carmen on our walk

Anyway, after it all, they really are sweet little things.

Carmen gave me a hug tonight and said “love you.” It’s one of her newer words, and still gets me every time!

I took pictures of them in their matching outfits today. So cute. I love little girls.

My little sweeties

I’ve gotten tons of beautiful gifts for Nora. All so sweet and precious and pink.

Life is good. Valentine’s Day is sweet.

Hope yours was a good one too!



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