Our little Nora Jane arrived! We are so happy.

She is just perfect.

Labor and delivery was so quick! Carmen is adjusting well. Michael is the best dad and figured out he can watch as much TV as he wants, as long as he’s bonding with Nora. My moms have taken great care of me, and I feel so blessed.

It’s such a miracle every time. She is a gift from heaven.

Enjoy the pictures…

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…and click here for a video of Carmen meeting her new sister!



3 responses to “Nora

  1. oh my goodness. look at you being the sweetest little mom and not even looking like you just delivered a baby!! i loved that little video of carmen meeting sweetest nora (and looove that name). congratulations to your beautiful new family of four. xoxo

  2. brynne isn’t even lying, she was telling me how much she loves that name yesterday! jill! you are just being a mom twice now! i feel like she looks so much like carmen, i really hope you are that mom that has a bunch of identical children even though they are all different ages. when i was little i always wanted to be that family haha. thank you for all the encouraging boston words, i’m glad we have our blogs to keep up on each others lives ๐Ÿ™‚ love you!

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