Every stage of life is my new favorite.

My little girl is growing up. She is so much fun and has TONS of personality.

The other day I put on the song “Twinkle Twinkle little star…” (a classic, of course.) …and Carmen went nuts.

She wanted me to play it over and over. She would twirl around and as soon as the 20 second song ended she’d repeat,


This of course meant, “Mom, play it again!”

The cutest part is that she’d raise her eyebrows and say it in a high-pitch voice, almost like she’s trying to sing it.

Or maybe the cutest part is where she’d twinkle her fingers, opening them in and out… Can’t decide.

What made it even better, is she was wearing this tutu outfit..

…oh, and of course carrying around this star wand.

It was adorable. Now every time she sees a star she calls it “Up-a-bov-da.”

Gifts from Heaven

It seems like almost yesterday, we announced that we’re going to have another baby.ย  I absolutely love that song from Faith Hill, “Baby you belong,” and I think of it often.

Although at first I was pretty overwhelmed with having another girl, I am now SO excited.

Heavenly Father knows what we can handle.

So many people open up about their pregnancies, mom stories, and how they’re so close to their sister who is just so-and-so many months apart.

I’ve realized that having children is a big deal.

Not just for your body, emotions, pretty much every piece of you…but in the world.

There is something so miraculous about having a baby.

I know that they are sent from “up-a-bov-da” ๐Ÿ™‚

Carmen and I have been spending lots of one-on-one time together.

I’ve talked to her a lot about the new baby.

  • We’ve set up the baby swing and she practices pushing her dolls (instead of crawling in it).
  • I’ve set up the infant car seat next to hers. That was a big step. I can’t imagine strapping in two every time…ah!
  • We are practicing saying “Nora,” but it usually still comes out “No, no.” It’s in her cute high-pitched voice, so at least that’s good.
  • She points to my stomach and says baby, but pretty sure she thinks that is just another word for belly or belly-button.
  • She has learned how to “be soft.” This is still one of my favorites. She strokes her hand on her face and it’s just the cutest thing.

Here’s to hoping they will someday be best of friends!

I’ll keep you posted on the baby news. It could be any day now. I have a doctor apt, so we’ll see if there are any updates!!




One response to “Up-a-bov-da

  1. My brother and I are thirteen months apart and we liked to tell everyone we were twins. As toddlers we would take baths together and then he would run downstairs and get his pjs as fast as he could so that we could change our clothes together. It will take some adjusting and then you will wondering how you do it with out two. Two play together, two laugh together, to entertain eachother in the grocery store, car, or just on a rainy day!

    I wish we lived closer too! I know we didn’t spend too much time together in Provo, but I feel like we just click. :)We will be looking forward to see this little Nora of yours.

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