• Carmen has become my little sidekick. She gets out her cloth to help me “clean” aka wiping off the fridge, and even learned how to say “cook” as she mixes water around in a pan.
  • Michael has committed to running a HALF MARATHON. Big deal. He hasn’t trained, but someone that fit is sure to do great. I’m excited to be one of those moms on the sidelines cheering him on….good thing I’m pregnant so I have an excuse as to why I’m on the sideline and not running it with him! haha.
  • I’ve been leaning towards the name Nora Jane Taylor for this new little one. I’m 8.5 months along…I guess it’s time to get serious about this little girl coming soon! We are so excited. Michael prayed for her by name this morning…I asked him how he felt about it.. I think no matter the name, it takes getting used to a little.
  • I realized that the majority of my projects are on the computer. I feel bad for Carmen sometimes, so I try my best to give her lots of attention and not be consumed by the monitor. She does have her very own little laptop though, and that’s cute. Projects include: new playlists, slideshows, christmas cards, wedding book…and oh yeah…work! haha.
  • I’m loving the Christmas music. I think I’m getting into the Christmas spirit this year, more so than others. Probably because I’m not stressed out with finals….ah, so nice.
  • My social highlights include going to a mommy craft group—yes, I’m turning into one of those. It seriously is fun to make stuff though. I got a few Christmas wreaths from my friend and I’m going to put some pretty pine cones on them. So easy and festive.
  • I also realized that when something says easy, it’s not always easy…I saw a “super easy” recipe for caramels in the microwave. Only problem…I’ve never made anything like that before. Turned into a hot mess. Literally. I stuck a few apples in it and then felt totally fine throwing the rest of it away. Sorry neighbors, you missed out on the caramels this year. At least our cute chocolate peppermint pretzels turned out cute.
  • Pinterest makes everything look magical. I don’t know why, but I just want everything on there. I have to proceed with caution every time I go on that site.
  • Carmen has learned how to say her friends name. She also has learned how to do other cute things…like sing in a high-pitched voice while raising her eyebrows. She is practicing with her baby to be a big sister. I’m happy she’s growing up more and more each month… makes me feel like she will be even more independent come January!
  • No news on the house. This is killer! We’ve been waiting since October for news on this short sale. Our agent is wonderful and we are all bugging the people like crazy. Would be nice to get some type of news….especially considering my Christmas gifts could then be shifted into new furniture, bedding and all kinds of fun stuff!! Oh well…we are praying like crazy. Feel free to join us.
  • My friends are all having babies! It’s fun to talk pregnancy with them, and I feel old. I’m not old…I get that. But when I interact on a regular basis with people that are 10 years older than me, it’s hard not to feel like I’m old. Remember everyone, I graduated high school 5 years ago. That’s like yesterday…haha.
  • People say I’m looking great. I think that’s just social tact or something nice to say to someone who’s pregnant. Regardless, it makes me feel pretty good. I hope this baby is growing healthy–that’s the most important thing. The belly button, aches, pains, and tummy will all sacrifice to bring a new little spirit into the world. Any way, I’m obviously pregnant…and it’s a great convo starter with just about anyone, especially strangers. If you want attention…just bring an active little Carmen around and be pregnant….people sometimes feel sorry for me, are just in awe of mommy-ness, or are just curious. It’s pretty entertaining. Not to mention Carmen sticks her arms out and wants to be held by random strangers. After she gives them kisses, of course.

Well, that’s what’s happening lately.

Carmen and her awesome dad

Us at Thanksgiving Dinner

She is learning to love the camera...

Me....30 weeks along!



3 responses to “Lately

  1. What a model pose from Carmen in the 3rd pic! I’m lucky to be her dad! Oh and Jill, you do look great…its not just social tack! A lot going on! Glad to share it all with you.

  2. How cute are you! You look great in all of the pictures! I LOVE little Carmen, her personality totally reminds me of Quinn’s – ALWAYS on the go!… I LOVE the name Nora Jane! It is perfect! Can’t wait to see your next sweet baby girl!

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