We can blame it on the pregnancy hormones, or just the fact I’m officially in “mommy land.” You watch it and tell me. Can you get through this song without crying?

It is seriously so touching.

I’ve been on the hunt for new music. Just time to mix things up a little. I thought I’d search out some mother-daughter songs, since I’m in that phase of my life.

I came across this song, “Somebody’s Hero,” and I just have to share it.

I feel so blessed to be a mom.

Let’s be honest. It’s hard. Sometimes I lose it. Like at 3:00 am when I’m rocking my little girl for 20+ mins, then set her back in her crib only to have her freak out and yell “mama” in her most whiney, yet sweet voice. It’s just something you can’t deny. I’m always there for her. Even when we are both sick and we fall asleep on the floor reading books, somewhere around 3:30… I am torn with wanting people to feel sorry for me, yet I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’ve learned so much about myself and about sacrifice. It’s only the beginning. A mother’s heart is stretched unlike any other.

Some women may think, “motherhood just isn’t my thing.” I’m not sure if I knew everything that goes into motherhood I would say it’s “my thing” either.

But here’s what my thing is: watching her smile, play, giggle, laugh, stretch out her hands to me, and light up when she sees my face. That is pure joy. The smiles that come after the sacrifice is what makes it all worth it.

And that’s why I’m Somebody’s Hero.

I guess it’s kinda fitting I blogged about marriage being a Heroic act… who would’ve known that was just the beginning.


2 responses to “Hero

  1. I can already see the special relationship between Carmen and her mother! I am lucky/blessed that my daughters will have Jill as their ‘hero’…you’re amazing Jill. Love you

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