I was thinking the other day about the vines that grapes come on.

Michael’s mom is a saint, and would always buy tons of grapes, pluck them off the vine, and then place them in a huge Tupperware container for her kids to snack on. It makes life just a little easier.

In fact, let’s think about it.

How do I teach Carmen not to eat the vines?


She loves grapes. She plops the whole thing in her mouth (I know, it’s probably a choking hazard, but anyway…) and she eats grape after grape. One time I didn’t have time to take the vine off, so I set it on her tray with it still on. She tried eating the vine, and I had to try to tell her “ew, yuck” and have her spit that part out. (I do the same with rocks, dirt….you know…just part of the drill)

Anyway, it made me think about life as parents. I put the vine on her tray. She probably thought it was food, just like everything else.

But it made me think…How do we protect our children and keep them from the “vines” of life? How do we teach kids what they can or can’t eat, do, and so on? It’s so hard.

As parents we can either make it easier for our kids to do what is right, or harder. We can have a bucket of already plucked grapes, or we can throw the whole vine at them, and make them pick out what is good and not.

It’s a hard balance, and one I know I will face over and over again…especially with two teenage girls. ah!

I just didn’t realize that I would see the pattern starting this early. I hope my girls do what’s right, but even more, I hope I’m able to teach them and help them and make it easier for them to be strong in the world today.

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