I did not think my 15-month-old, would learn how to say “elbow” so soon.

But she can…and boy is it cute.

This is what Carmen does when she says "elbow."

In fact, she can say SO many words.

**Warning, prepare yourself for a mom-bragging blog post**

I figure my blog is about words. It’s about time I give Carmen some credit and share with you all the crazy words she has learned. She is such a little chatter-box.

It’s fun to watch her try to say certain words. She certainly has a “concentrating” look, and then she gives it her best shot. Like today, I was trying to get her to say “sister,” and the s sound was totally throwing her off.

Anyway, here we go…I doubt this is all of them, but it will give you a little look into the world of Carmen! (one word at a time!)

  • PEOPLE: mama, dada, nana, papa, uh-ma, amy, jj, kent, dardar, onny, Jesus
  • FOODS: cheese, milk, juice, snack, more, eat, nana, candy, yumm, baba, hot
  • THINGS WE DO: sleepy, show, pretty, nap, ball, baby, kiss, bye bye, poops, eww, bubbles, whoa, ut oh, book, bath, amen
  • BODY PARTS: elbow, nose, ear, eye, belly button, tongue, toes, back, hair
  • ANIMALS: snake, bird, dog, fish, moo, neigh, ruff, growl, baa, meow

To clarify, these words are part of her vocab…not one time, “repeat after me.” She understands so much more than I give her credit for. I’m trying to branch out and help her do new things and say new words. It’s so fun. I love being a mom.

I find so much joy when she tries to jump, when she throws away her diaper in the trash and then kisses the air above the can to say “byebye,” and when she runs outside yelling dada to every car that pulls into the parking lot.

This is what life is all about. On the hard days, I just have to remember these sweet moments. They’ll be gone before I know it!



2 responses to “Elbow

  1. I absolutely love that picture of Carmen saying “elbow” and even showing her elbow at the same time!!! She is awesome! Great post Jill. You do a great job teaching her!

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