So the other month we watched a friend’s five kids for five days. Yes, five kids. Five days. It was an adventure!!

I guess we really were handling 6.5, if you count our own..:-)

As I ventured into “super mom” world…I realized one thing: (Well, lots of things…but one to blog about…)

Paper towels are the best invention ever.

I have a problem with being ultra conservative about weird stuff. Meaning, I try to ration my paper towels, and only use them when I need to. If there’s a mess on the counter, I try to use the smallest amount of paper towels possible. Idk, like I said, I’m weird. Other times to clean or something, I’ll use a rag.

Check out this paper-towel-lovin’ idea:

Well, guess what…in super mom mode, you can’t ration paper towels. Pretty sure when I was watching these kids…I went through like a whole roll every couple of days. Thankfully, they had a stash on hand (another trait of the classic super mom.) I mean really. Every super mom out there has a few paper towel rolls on back up!

Spills, messy faces, floors…you’d be surprised how often you need a paper towel with little kiddos.

We had a great time there. I felt so grown-up dropping them off at school, helping them with homework, picking out their clothes, doing hair… it was great! Needless to say, I have 1,000 times MORE RESPECT for that woman after living in her home and seeing what she does every day. She is amazing!! I’m glad I have nice friends to learn from. I feel blessed to be here.

Also during our stay there, I had a doctor’s appointment to check on our adorable little girl. Combining the super mom-ness with our little doctor visit made me realize how amazing it is to be a mother. You are endowed with special gifts that make it all possible.

Here she is…

I can’t wait to meet this sweet little girl. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

I felt her through my stomach last night, and that is a fun feeling. It weirded Michael out a little, but hey… what can you do. He thought I might be poking at her eye ball or some other body part. haha.

It’s getting closer…I’m about 26 weeks along….that’s coming up on 7 months soon enough. CRAZY!

My mom comes to visit me tomorrow…and she is the most super-mom I know. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!!!



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