We’re in the middle of big decisions.

Moving, buying a home, holiday plans,  naming our baby… big deal life stuff.

I feel too young to have to venture into this world. I’m learning lots about myself. I’m learning how to be opinionated and a little give-and-take. It’s a self-reflecting process, for sure.

Then I found this quote and made it all pretty, and then it made me feel a little better.

We are making progress.

Narrowed it down to two homes, and the baby girl names are down to four.

Now for the final (and hardest) steps to come…

Wish us luck!!



3 responses to “Decisions

  1. The right to choose and make our own decisions is at the core of the great plan of happiness.Satan and evil governments try to take that right away or impose their will upon us. Some countries won’t even let a couple have a second baby.some take half your wages to glut themselves. “Land and posterity “is what was promised to Abraham for being’s what the American dream is all about.wishing you well on your “decision”.your decision to be “Good”has brought you to this point. Congrats! Dad

    • Thanks for the insights Dad. Yes, always good to remember it’s a privilege to choose! That’s why we are here…so we can get lots of practice doing it and making the right choices. Love you.

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