First of all, gotta give props out to my BYU Communications program.

Sometimes I randomly check out their website, to feel like an informed alum.

Today I saw…

“Brigham Young University’s public relations program was once again named one of the top five PR education programs in the country by an industry-leading trade publication.

The award, sponsored by PRWeek, puts BYU alongside Georgetown, New York University, Syracuse and the University of Alabama as a leader in PR education.” Read article here.

How cool is that?

Being a top program in the nation is usually something you drop in interviews or on your resume. Guess I was a little late for that, but it still is nice to know I spent 4 years of my life at a valuable university.

So a big shout-out and congrats to my teachers and folks still living it up at the Y. (I’m sure we’re all happy about the big win over Utah State and now we have something else to cheer about in addition to Nelson being a hero and scoring after a 90-something yard drive in the 4th. Side note, there’s a story about him, complete with a YouTube video about how he cut his hair and apologized for letting it grow out so long.. go BYU.)

And some more props….to myself.

And in case anyone forgot, I graduated from college. Woot woot! It’s a big deal. Especially when I look over this huge list of requirements. I’m done. ALL DONE! It’s such a great feeling.

I know it may sound pretty self-centered, but I believe sometimes  you have to step back and appreciate your accomplishments. Especially after a day like yesterday, when I didn’t have a whole lot of anything going on for 15 hours before Michael got home.

So here’s my pat on the back…

I know it’s probably hard to read and overwhelming, but that was the idea I was going for. Lots of stressful feelings in this document. You can click on the image to make it bigger.

Anyway, just had to give some props out to my alma matter! I’m grateful for the experience I had with BYU PR…they really have an amazing program. I learned skills that continue to help me today. I also met amazing people who always pushed me to do my best.

I am so stoked I can still use my skills and work from home. S&W recently added me as a “blog contributor” and I feel so official. Professional photo and everything. Be sure to check out my upcoming posts. Maybe you can comment on those too, to make me look REALLY awesome.

Here’s a flashback pic from my final day of PR…we presented our huge case study, and we were all SO happy to be done.

Final PR Project, December 2009

Believe it or not, Carmen is in there…she was along for the ride, cheering me on. 🙂

I’m lucky to be a mom now, and use my education to help nurture her… I’ve always wanted an excuse to use crayons and color! But really, education is TOP on my list…and I feel blessed to have such a strong foundation. We now learn from Baby Einstein (best invention ever) and also from Dr. Seuss on a regular basis. Gotta love motherhood!!!


4 responses to “Props

  1. I love your words idea. It is fun to see what your next word will be. Carmen looks so much like you. Congratulations on another little girl. We found out we are having a girl too. Not sure how to raise a girl after 3 boys, but I guess we will figure it out. My blog is

  2. Thanks so much Sara! Also, thanks for the link to your blog. It’s adorable, and you have so many fun pictures!!

    You will be a wonderful mother of a girl…they are so much fun! Plus, now our girls can be friends and play buddies!! 🙂

    I hope you’re feeling well, and hope to see you guys soon!

  3. Hooray for BYU PR! 🙂 I never even saw this post until now, and I’m glad I did some catching up on your blog. I can’t believe you were pregnant in that picture and kept it a secret from all of us during that stressful/busy project.

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