Right now…

I could be doing work, but I just spent 30 minutes on Pinterest. I also spent 15 minutes looking up baby bedding. Yes, I have a baby nursery, and I know, I’m having a girl…but it’s just fun to look. Sometimes I wish I could have an ever-evolving decorating style, complete with a budget to complement it. I feel like I haven’t found my “decor style” and I’m always wanting to try something new.

It’s the same when I’m looking back on my wedding photos now that my sister-in-law is engaged. I had a dream wedding…but the more pictures and other ideas I see, the more “educated” I feel. I could’ve done this cute thing, or that….oh bother!! Online research…it’s a love/hate relationship with me.

I also spent time researching homes!!

That’s the big news. We are officially on the house hunt!

Michael came to me awhile ago, we crunched numbers, talked awhile and decided it’s best to move out of the rental world! It’s exciting, but it’s crazy to leave this safety net. We are going to be making a big, FAT purchase…and strangely, I feel pretty calm about it.

My online research OCD hasn’t kicked in too bad. I figure that will happen when I have a whole new space and it’s time to decorate…yikes! I will need a savvy designer friend to come and help me. Or maybe I’ll apply for one of those TV shows where they magically do it all in a day or something. Wouldn’t that be something special, wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?? ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, life is great. I’m happy. Carmen is a joy. She was playing with a ribbon today, so girly…Then she moved on a played with the rocks. I got excited thinking about having a yard for her to run around in, rather than our front parking lot.

My little ribbon dancer

Well, wish us luck as we start our journey to find our new home. It’s an exciting thing, especially for me…considering me and the house will get pretty close. (That’s the biggest understatement…scrubbing the cracks on the floor, cooking a bazillion meals, on my hands and knees crawling under the furniture, hanging frames, painting walls, and making some of my best memories with those I love.) Bring it on baby…

PS: Please leave me some love in the comments section…any tips, suggestions or words of encouragement always makes me happy.


6 responses to “Hunt

  1. I love that you’re into Pinterest! It’s amazing and it’s scary how much time I spend on it! Loved “wouldn’t that be something special. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing” quote! so funny!

  2. I wish someone would have told Spence and I this before we started the process of buying a home in AZ… so I’ll tell you now. The process of buying a home can be SO exciting, but it can also be a pain… like a really big pain in the side. It can be discouraging at times, but just keep imagining how wonderful it is going to be when they finally hand you the keys and the house is all yours. It really is the best feeling and I can honestly tell you that the second it is all over and you are sleeping in your house for the first night, you almost forget all that you had to deal with to get there. With that said, I’m so excited for you guys! Congratulations on beginning another one of life’s big adventures. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the encouragement Kelsey….I will have to remind myself of that many times, I’m sure. I know it’s a long process, and probably a big pain, like you said. Lots of ups and downs, but in the end…i’m hoping it’s all worth it!! Missing you guys. We need to come to AZ to visit you, your sweet baby and Kent!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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