Last night I had a neat experience as I was tucking Carmen into bed.

This is usually how it goes.

Goodnight Carmen, lay her down.

Read her a quick verse in the Book of Mormon…she’s learning about the Tree of Life…and has been for a few months now…but hey…one verse is about all she can take….

Go back to the crib, lay her back down with a gentle nudge.

Turn off the light.

Back to the crib, try to give her a kiss…leaning over the edge of the bar is getting a little harder these days with my tummy… So sometimes I just stroke her hair or face.

Then this time I did something different…

I held her hand in my hand.

She curled her fingers over mine, and giggled to herself.

It was such a small moment, but my heart melted. I thought, “That’s my girl. She loves me.”

Carmen, 14 months

She’s getting so big. 14 months old now…

Dancing all around, learning words, bossing me around quite impressively, and still taking awesome naps and sleeping 12 hours. These are the glory days.

She is also pretty active, to say the least. I’ve been worried about this because she usually nose-dives anytime I try to carry her somewhere. She’d rather walk…and until you’ve experienced the Carmen nose-dive, you’d set her down too.

I’ve been nervous because I’m going to get bigger and bigger with the pregnancy, and I don’t think I can continue to carry her, my bag, her cup, snacks, mail, etc. all into the house. So I’ve been trying a new technique. As we park I set her down and have her follow me into our place.

Usually she wanders a while, spins in circles and does her own thing.

Today she reached out for my hand and held it as we walked in together.

Such a small thing, again….but boy, I love her.

I never knew what it was like to have my little girl touch or hold my hand…and mean it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s a song for your listening pleasure. I know it’s not about a mother and daughter, but hey…a good tune.



One response to “Touch

  1. So precious! Jill you express those feelings that are in the heart so well ๐Ÿ™‚ Carmen knows she is lucky to have you as her mom!! I love you

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