We got to be movie stars!!!

Well, kinda.

We got to be the “Talent” for a Scott & White instructional video for the new Children’s Hospital.

Because Michael works in the Marketing Dept, one of his coworkers reached out to him to see if we’d be interested in helping out. Helping out, meaning, we’d get to play “mom and dad” of a patient and shoot a 2 minute video.

We had to send our picture over to make sure we “passed as normal-looking people.” Glad we made the cut! haha

It was awesome! After 5 hours of filming, I realized why actresses get paid the  big bucks! A lot goes into video production.

Anyway, we felt somewhat famous. We did alright with it all (so we were told) and had a lot of fun. I even overheard the main people talking about Michael’s natural chemistry during one of the shots! haha 🙂

We have so many fun things going on. Life is great!

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