I love being outside. Over Labor Day weekend, we got to go to Bear Lake for a family reunion.

The weather was perfect. I found myself taking tons of pictures, because I was just so happy.

Carmen's first time swimming in the Lake

The fresh air of the mountains. The wind in my hair as I rode on a jetski. The marvel of caverns and caves. Watching Carmen discover sand. Being outside and not sweating within 10 seconds. Watching Carmen running on the lawn.

God created this world for our enjoyment. I need to get outside more often. Sometimes I count my stroller trip to the mailbox, or a walk to the dumpster…for some reason it is sounding very lame to count that as “Outside” time, but I do.

I’ll do better at getting out. I think it is good for the soul.

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One response to “Outside

  1. Great family reunion! Glad to be a part of the Tuttle family. Hopefully the weather will cool off down here in Texas so we can enjoy the outdoors more – more than just a walk to the dumpster…haha! Good stuff Jill

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