I have been on the MOVE!!

It is so nice to be busy and to have things going on. I think my worst-possible extreme torture would be to be locked in a room with absolutely nothing to do. I’d go nuts in like 1 hour; I’m sure of it! Even worse than cleaning up the 7-poop drops from Carmen this morning that snuck out before I got a diaper on her!

Anyway, I’ve been on the go. Good thing my little Carmen can keep up…we don’t slow down!

Michael’s brother Donny came out to Texas, so we spent time in Tyler hanging out with the family. All the siblings were together! I always love going to Tyler. We swim, eat (of course), and laugh lots! This time we got to go bowling, and I have to brag on Michael…he is a pro. Maybe he’ll get some bowling shoes for Christmas this year. haha. It was a great time. I didn’t get a strike which I pouted about for a little while, but there’s always a reason or something to blame it on. We also got to see Christina’s bling ring…let the wedding planning begin!

So then we were on the move again. After that weekend in Tyler, we were off to Utah! Darin came home from his mission to Uganda, Africa!! It was absolutely amazing to be around him and to hear his stories. He also got to meet Carmen. Too bad she didn’t make a very good first impression with the crying. She won Darin over soon enough with her advanced speaking skills always asking “What’s that…?” pronounced by her more like, “Waaasssdat?” Darin would walk around the house asking Carmen “Wassssdat?” over and over. Pretty funny stuff.

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I found this quote and thought it was fitting for my recent travels…life might be like riding a bike, but sometimes I feel like I’m going faster than a bike..maybe it should say, “Life is like riding in a race car…in order to keep your sanity, you just can’t think about how fast you’re moving!” haha. Anyone can make up quotes these days..right?


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